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September 01-03, 2003
David Sadler For Congress (2002 archive)
12th CD/Illinois

Flying the friendly skies
One to two people out of a hundred boarding a plane in the USA is so dangerous they will be prohibited from boarding and may be arrested???
That's nearly one or two per plane.
Will they get to see an attorney?
Will the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments be denied them?
Will they be taken to a local jail or Camp X-Ray?

The airlines were already hurting. This will kill them.

By the way. Did you know a former top KGB official is helping run Homeland Security? Just asking.
" Most people will be coded green and sail through. But up to 8 percent of passengers who board the nation's 26,000 daily flights will be coded yellow and will undergo additional screening at the checkpoint, according to people familiar with the program. An estimated 1 to 2 percent will be labeled red and will be prohibited from boarding. These passengers also will face police questioning and may be arrested. "
     Fliers to Be Rated for Risk Level
     Airport Travelers To Get Ionizing X-Ray Radiation

America: The Fourth Reich
Unaltered Homeland Security Weathernet Network logo linked to HSWN site. Altered by David Sadler to show swastikas.
Unaltered logo.
Homeland Security Weathernet Network.
Linked to HSWN site.
Altered HSWN logo to show swastikas.
By David Sadler

I have reservations about David J. Meyer. He is insistent that the 'end is near.' I do not know when that time is. I believe Meyer is about 85% fact and 15% opinion. I enjoy his analysis of events from his perspective of occult numerology. I do believe that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. I find much to think about when reading his analysis of current events and numerology. There can be no doubt about the Nazi and occult symbology being embedded into our government. Remove the Ten Commandments, but create new symbols of INTERNAL SECURITY THAT INCORPORATE THE SWASTIKA! Run candidates for California governor with Nazi connections. Model our gun laws after those of Nazi Germany.

So if you think Meyer is a bit strange, I'll say I agree to a degree. I'm on guard with Meyer just as I am on guard with our government, but our government, at the moment, is looking very weird and frightening. -- David Sadler --
" There is another strange twist regarding the mysterious Department of Homeland Security. One of the divisions in that new age Gestapo is "The Homeland Security Weathernet Network." This division works with weather and its effects on homeland security. The strange twist is that the logo for this division consists of two Nazi swastikas turned so as to form bent spokes of a wheel with a pentagram in the middle. (14) Completely encircling the swastikas are the words forming the name of the department. This logo can be seen by accessing their department on the internet. The points of the pentagram indicate earth, wind, fire, water and spirit. This is pure witchcraft working within a department whose purpose and chief objective is ultimate totalitarian control. "
2003.09.06 Days of global madness / David J. Meyers

Everybody waves like that, right? It's so natural.
" Hand sign of Horns
This sign is A Wiccan sign for receiving power from the Goddess. Also, the 'horns' are a representation of the beast of Satan or the Devil salute. This sign is a very popular sign used at rock concerts. "
Note: To be fair and skeptical, it could be the hook'em horns sign from Texas U.

Maria Shriver & Arnold Schwarzenegger
Photo credit unavailable

Elite has big plans for Arnold
We're dumber than they are evil.

You're ALL bad.
(L-R) Warren Buffett, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Lord Jacob Rothschild
Photo: credit unavailable

" It really makes your head spin. This guy hangs out with former UN chiefs and the Rothschilds. His mother is married to the head of the Austrian Parliament and he is married to JFK's niece. Nevertheless, all his Nazi connections are swept under the rug and the Republican party could care less about Arnold's own published admissions of orgies, drug use, and posing naked for homosexual porno magazines ... If you are a water bearer for globalist's fat cats, you can do no wrong. " -- Alex Jones --
2003.09.06 The New World Order elite has big plans for Arnold / Alex Jones

MIC: Privatizing the profits of war
" Amid the military downsizing and increasing number of small conflicts that followed the end of the Cold War, governments turned increasingly to private military companies a recently coined euphemism for mercenaries to intervene on their behalf in war zones around the globe. Often, these companies work as proxies for national or corporate interests, whose involvement is buried under layers of secrecy. Entrepreneurs selling arms and companies drilling and mining in unstable regions have prolonged the conflicts. " -- Making a killing... --
2003.09.05 Making a Killing: The Business of War

Pension Shortfalls
These dismal numbers are only the beginning. As the economic collapse of the US deepens, pensioners and those anticipating early retirement to escape the pink slip will find their pensions are as secure as the government's word is good.

Side note:
Rumsfeld says security in Iraq is improving.
The neocons underbid Operation Iraqi Liberation.
The government says the economy is in the midst of a 'jobless recovery.'
" Underfunding at 'troubled' companies -- defined as those whose debt is rated below investment grade or are otherwise at risk -- could exceed $80 billion by the time the current fiscal year ends Sept. 30 [2003] ... The benefit guaranty corporation protects the pensions of nearly 44 million workers and retirees in more than 32,000 private plans. The agency will be responsible for paying benefits to nearly 1 million people this year. " -- Underfunded Pensions Double... --
" If actual pension liabilities had been counted in financial statements, aggregate earnings for the S&P 500 would have been 69 percent lower than the companies reported for 2001, or $68.7 billion rather than $219 billion, Credit Suisse First Boston Corp. found in a research study on pension accounting published in September. Morgan Stanley says the S&P 500 companies have $220 billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities as of the end of last year. " -- Unintended Consequences... --
     Underfunded Pensions Double in U.S.
     Unintended Consequences: Iraq, Pensions and Index Funds

War Costs Socialized / War Profits Privatized
" The costs of war are socialized. The profits of war are privatized. " -- ??? --

The costs of America's global war keep going up. True to government (and private sector) bids that allow ballooning without penalty, the administration's bid for this war wasn't close to the actual cost. The cost of this global war, combined with rising energy costs and with the loss of U.S. jobs due to Free Trade, offshore outsourcing and other factors affecting our economy is going to plunge America into a depression.
The White House has informed congressional leaders that it is preparing a new budget request for between $60 billion and $70 billion to help cover the mounting costs of the reconstruction and military occupation of Iraq...

The request for new money ... follows a $79 billion wartime budget supplement for Iraq and Afghanistan that Bush signed in April [2003]...

$55 billion for the Pentagon and $10 billion for reconstruction. Most of the money would be designated for Iraq, and a small part for Afghanistan.
To incite America to go to war, Bush created a terrorist threat where none existed. No one has profited except the Military Industrial Complex, Big Government, the national security state and those social elements working to destroy our constitution. This profit taking by those who control the US government is accelerating.
" The Bush administration is evoking 'national security' as a powerful weapon to accomplish its twin goals of privatizing thousands of federal jobs ... The administration's drive to cut down the size of the government and shift federal jobs and services to private contractors is a process known as 'outsourcing' ... Once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, Halliburton has received contracts for rebuilding Iraq totaling nearly $2 billion, not to mention the multimillion-dollar billings for cells it built for the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ... The White House Office of Management and Budget has given federal agencies until Oct. 31 to designate 15 percent of their jobs as 'not inherently governmental' and, therefore, available for competitive outside contracts. " -- 'National Security'... --
" The Bush Administration has brought the era of big government back ... the number of full-time employees working on government contracts and grants has zoomed by more than one million people since 1999, bringing the overall head count to more than 12.1 million as of this past October [2002]. " -- Size Of Government Up... --
" The Pentagon contract given without competition to a Halliburton subsidiary to fight oil well fires in Iraq is worth as much as $7 billion over two years, according to a letter from the Army Corps of Engineers... " -- Details Given on Contract... --
If we are spending so much to reconstruct Iraq, why isn't the power back on in Baghdad. The billions being stolen from the US Treasury are evaporating into an unauditable hole of embezzlement. Enron and the Savings and Loan scandal were a joke compared to this. Not only do the American people seem not to care, they are ready to pay more in taxes! I feel like Senator Traficant. 'Beam me up, Scotty.'
" Under Saddam's regime, despite all the post-war constraints, it took 48 days to re-establish electricity in Baghdad after the destruction of the first Gulf War ... Why have the Americans, the most powerful country on the planet, not restored it more than four months after having destroyed our networks and infrastructure? "

At that very moment the electricity was cut.

" There you are! We are entering four hours of hell! " -- ," Nahla, artist and owner of a Baghdad art gallery, Human Rights American Style... --
     Bush to Seek $60 Billion or More for Iraq
     'National Security' Part Of Bush Plan To Gut Civil Services
     Report Finds Size Of Government Up Sharply Under Bush
     Details Given on Contract Halliburton Was Awarded
     Human Rights American Style

John Quincy Adams on U.S. Foreign Policy (1821)
We are no longer the America of our founders.
The founding spirit is no longer here.
It can no longer be salvaged.
It must be reborn against terrible odds.
America is the world now.
Today's Americans, like the world citizens, know nothing of the American founding spirit.

The world rushes to American shores for wealth, and that too is fading.
Those who seek liberty and freedom run from the tyranny of poverty to the golden streets of America.
They bring with them their politics, philosophies and culture to remake their place in America in the image of the land they flee.

Americans who have been here for generations rush to embrace the politics and philosophies of the world from which our founders sought to keep an ocean away.
Can civil strife and violent coups that have plagued the world be far behind the collapse of our founders' cultural and spiritual vision?
-- David Sadler --
" [America] has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings, as to the last vital drop that visits the heart. [America] has seen that probably for centuries to come, all the contests of that Aceldama the European world, will be contests of inveterate power, and emerging right.
" [America] knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom.
" The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force....
" She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.... " -- John Quincy Adams --
     John Quincy Adams on U.S. Foreign Policy (1821)
     The Greatest Ignorance of the Greatest Number