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October 01-03, 2003
David Sadler For Congress (2002 archive)
12th CD/Illinois

Sabotage: energy infrastructure vulnerable
Blowing up pipelines in Iraq can not be prevented.
Neither can blowing up pipelines, and transmission lines in the US.
If the concept of Peak Oil sounds too much like crying wolf, consider the effects in the US of a sabotage campaign such as the one now underway in Iraq/Turkey.
... authorities are keeping the sabotage figures secret - because they can't stop their pipelines to Turkey blowing up ...
• 2003.10.03 • Oil, War And A Growing Sense Of Panic In The US

Letter from a U.S. soldier in Kuwait
Support our troops
Read and distribute
Major Thompson asks that his letter be distributed far and wide. Our troops need R&R, effective body armor, good water, equipment that works and dependable End of Tour dates. Our citizen soldiers do not need plastic American flags made in communist China attached to your car.
Since the ordinary leave program began ... many soldiers had requested, been approved, and bought airline tickets. I never heard one soldier complain about having to purchase the ticket to get home for a short 15 day leave period. More than 40 soldiers in my unit had already purchased airline tickets based on the approval of leave requests. Now we do not know if those tickets will be refunded or not.
• 2003.10.03 • US Army, CJTF-7, Uses R&R to Soldiers' Detriment / Major Alan T. Thompson

Bush aids terrorist entry into the United States
It's clear that Bush has no intention of stopping illegal entry into the United States of anyone including terrorists or Hispanics.

Homeland Security is a joke as long as our borders are wide open. The rule of law is a joke as long as illegals are treated as legals.
Bush administration officials yesterday angered lawmakers by refusing to take a position on illegal aliens obtaining U.S. driver's licenses and avoiding questions about its decision to recognize Mexican identification cards.

Officials testifying before the House Select Committee on Homeland Security said they are reviewing what documentation is secure and reliable, but evaded direct questions on the matricula consular cards now accepted by California and New Mexico to obtain driver's licenses.

Critics say the cards issued by the Mexican Embassy are easily falsified and used by illegal aliens to establish residency.

Stewart Verdery, Homeland Security assistant secretary, was asked directly whether states should issue identification cards to people who are in the United States illegally.

'I am not aware that the department or administration has taken a position on that,' Mr. Verdery said.

A frustrated Rep. John Shadegg, Arizona Republican, responded: 'It seems to me the administration had better get a policy, pretty quick.'
• 2003.10.03 •
    • Bush aides anger GOP lawmakers on consular IDs
    • Treasury Rules Mexican IDs Stay In Place / 2003.09.23
    • CA Assembly Oks Bill Allowing Illegals To Get Drivers' Licenses / 2003.09.02
    • LA City Panel: Trial acceptance of Mexican ID urged / 2002.05.02
    • CA: State Sued Over Immigrant IDs / 2002.05.05

Peak Oil hitting 'mainstream' press
US/UK/Israel global intervention has everything to do
with oil and 'global primacy'
while the energy window is on our side
Peak Oil means consumption will so far outpace discovery and recovery that the price of energy derived from oil will become economically prohibitive. Who can afford a sandwich if it costs $10.00 before you add any meat, lettus and tomatoes?

It's time for America to bring our troops home and engage the nation in a Manhattan project to become energy self-sufficient by the year 2008 without reducing our consumption of energy. Growth requires energy. Prosperity requires growth.

Every human being is swimming in a sea of energy. We need only to tap into that source to move beyond the era of fossil fuels and wars for energy.
Global warming will never bring a "doomsday scenario" a team of scientists says -- because oil and gas are running out much faster than thought ...

The world's oil reserves are up to 80 percent less than predicted, a team from Sweden's University of Uppsala says. Production levels will peak in about 10 years' time, they say ...

The thing we are surprised of is that people in general are not aware of the decline in supplies and the extent to which it will affect production.

The decline of oil and gas will affect the world population more than climate change.
• 2003.10.03 • World oil and gas 'running out'

No more meal bills for hospitalized troops
Our soldiers wounded in action were being billed for their hospital meals!


What's next? Charging them to remove the bullets from their bodies?

Oh, but there's a technicality - a 'bureaucratic snaffu.'

I'm ready to deploy Congress to Iraq. Let them protect the pipelines. Let them perform the H2H (house to house) sweeps.
Wounded service members in U.S. military hospitals will no longer be presented with a bill for meals upon discharge, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
• 2003.10.03 • No more meal bills for hospitalized troops

America treats its soldiers like expendable equipment
Support our troops in a meaningful way.
Stop waving plastic flags made in communist China.
Raise your voice to bring our troops home.
Then, send them dependable body armor and water filters.
The Air Force announced that it had cut a deal with Boeing to lease airplane tankers for billions more than it would cost to buy them outright. According to the Congressional Research Service, the Air Force will waste almost $6 billion by leasing the planes rather than buying them. Congress is looking into the deal.

By comparison, outfitting all of the 150,000 soldiers in Iraq with Interceptor vest plates would cost less than $97 million at retail prices. Because many have already been outfitted, the actual cost would be a small fraction of this amount. Congress should insist that body armor be designated a 'sensitive item' and that every soldier be given an Interceptor with plates without delay. -- Troops buy own body armor ...--

There were a lot of reports of that prior to the war, people would go out and buy their own gear, said Patrick Garrett, a defense analyst with The Army ran out of desert camo boots, and a lot of soldiers were being issued regular black combat boots. Soldiers decided that wasn't for them, so they paid for new boots with their own money.

According to the Pentagon's Operation Iraqi Freedom Lessons Learned draft report, soldiers spent their own money to get better field radios, extra ammunition carriers to help them fight better and commercial backpacks because their own rucksacks were too small. -- Troops dig into own pockets ... --
• 2003.10.01 •
    • Troops buy own body armor
    • Troops dig into own pockets to pay for gear
    • Sick veteran battles bureaucracy back home
    • Troops in Iraq face pay cut
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    • Point Blank Body Armor, Inc.
    • Point Blank currently in full production of Interceptor Body Armor
    • Lightweight Body Armor Stops 7.62 mm Rounds
    • Interceptor Body Armor (IBA)
    ••••• About New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. Water Filters •••••
    • British Berkefeldฎ Water Filtration Systems

Perpetual war: Your life isn't worth squat
Are you one of the many who still don't know about the New World Order and its global plans that impact you personally? Are you ready to give your life for a war in which you shed your blood and give up your normal life so a wealthy, controlling elite can profit?

Where are all the troops going to come from if America is going to deploy globally for 'the next twenty years?'

Joining this fight won't be an option for you when you turn eighteen and the draft is reactivated. Your silence now guarantees your deployment later.

'Eight more years' is a goal post that will be moved further down the field for each new crop of young, public educated (indoctrinated) youth 'motivated' to kick some 'rag-head ass.'
There is a long-term plan; we're going to be here a long time. -- Lt. Col. Steve Mahoney, base operations commander in Kandahar, Afghanistan planning calls for up to eight more years, Stars and Stripes, September 29, 2003 --

I think all strata of our society should share in this next 20 years we have ahead, which is undoubtedly going to have a lot of combat situations come up … We're not looking forward to just a little bit of combat once in a while; this is liable to be a much greater combat role than anybody ever thought we were getting into.
-- John Glenn, former Ohio Democratic Senator --

I can't think of anything more worthy than this project of inspiring America's youth to dedication and to patriotism and to national service at a time when our country needs it, and we will need it … for a good long time … it's not going to be over anytime soon.
-- Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defense Secretary --
Public school has done its duty. It has produced mind-numbed robots, who can't find Iraq on the world map, willing and ready to travel the world and shoot strangers on command.

Now you know why sports is American education's holy grail. Blame the parents who get upset over school strikes only when the fall football season is threatened.
• 2003.10.01 • Afghanistan planning calls for up to eight more years

The ballot box doesn't work anymore
The ballot box doesn't work anymore. Want proof. Read the first two chapters of the book by Bev Harris and David Allen.
• 2003.10.01 •
    • Black Box Voting Chapter 1
    • Black Box Voting Chapter 2

'Conducting a propaganda'
The White House has said it will not declassify further parts of a congressional report on intelligence failures related to the Sept. 11 attacks, including details of possible foreign involvement in the plot.

President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, said in a letter to a U.S. senator received on Tuesday that declassifying more of the report now could jeopardize current investigations.
" declassifying more of the report now could jeopardize current investigations, " is double-speak for obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. Participants in the event are withholding evidence that could shed light on their involvement either directly or indirectly.

Regardless, the entire investigation is nothing more than the classic 'blue ribbon panel,' used by the perpetrators to exonerate themselves.
To diffuse political pressure, government officials produce bogus investigations and reports designed to convince the public their government has looked into the matter and discovered nothing of importance. This is the old ‘Blue Ribbon Panel’ trick employed by politicians the world over. The contrast between what the public may hear or witness, and the explanations offered by their leaders is likely to be fairly great. The psychological tendency of the public is to believe what high authority figures say, particularly when their explanations are accepted without question by the elite news organizations. -- Terry Hansen --
Without some form of censorship, propaganda in the strict sense of the word is impossible. In order to conduct a propaganda, there must be some barrier between the public and the event. Access to the real environment must be limited, before anyone can create a pseudo-environment that he thinks is wise or desirable. -- Walter Lippman --
• 2003.10.01 • White House Not to Declassify More of 9/11 Report

The last bubble
U.S. private residential construction pushed to an all-time high in August as builders rushed to take advantage of low mortgage rates, a government report said on Wednesday.
Residential construction records represent the last bubble in the American economy. People with savings and a job or with a healthy retirement from work performed in Old America or work performed in exchange for a taxpayer supported government pension, are rushing to build to take advantage of low interest rates. This is a mistake. The economy is going to continue to trend downwards as the deindustrialization of America continues. This will produce more and higher trade deficits and federal deficits. The tax base will continue to erode. Services and entitlements will continue to erode until they no longer exist. Blood in the streets will follow upon the heels of the collapse of the social security system as people come to understand the magnitude of government corruption and wealth transfer from the poor and struggling middle class to the wealthy and government connected.
Here is a more telling indicator of the health of America's economy.
... overall construction spending rose less than expected as nonresidential building dropped, the Commerce Department reported.
• 2003.10.01 • Residential Construction at Record in August

I've flown maybe four times since 9-11. Each time, I have been given the thorough security check. Shoes and coat off. Everything in my carry-on checked by hand.

I flew to NYC on Monday and back on Tuesday. Leaving for NYC, I was 'red flagged.' That is, I was given to hold a red marker that entitled me to a thorough once over.

On the way back, I was red flagged again. This time, I was put into a little corral away from the other passengers, many of whom were looking at me like I was a terrorist. Again, I, and my carry-on, was given the thorough once over.

I can't help but think that I have been flagged in the passenger computer system. Either that, or I am simply being conditioned to accept eventual restrictions upon my air travel along with many other Americans critical of the police state path America is taking.

Nazi Flag causes uproar in Dallas
I would have more faith in America if the American people would react to the swastikas embedded in the Homeland Security Weathernet Network logo (top of home page) like the Dallas area folks reacted to the Nazi flag appearing on a football field recently.
A high school band director has apologized for a halftime performance that included "Deutschland Uber Alles," the anthem closely associated with Adolf Hitler, and a student running across the field with a Nazi flag.

We were booed, Grissom said Monday. We had things thrown at us. We were cursed.

This can serve as an educational tool that there are certain tools and certain symbols that still carry ... an amount of hurt, Briskman said. It was a mistake, and they've apologized for it, and we basically accept their apology.
• 2003.10.01 •
    • Texas Band Chief Apologizes for Nazi Flag
    • Nazi flag removed, apology issued