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October 25, 2004
David Sadler For Congress (2002 archive)
12th CD/Illinois

• 2004.10.25 •
Elect partisan GRIDLOCK in America in 2004
By David Sadler
Executive Summary:

For U.S. President: A Democrat (John Kerry in this instance)
For U.S. Congress: the GOP (All Republicans in this instance)


In a gridlock situation, blind partisan Democrats fight against the blind partisan Republicans and visa versa. They fight against something they can understand even though that something is totally irrelevant to solving America's problems.

This something is a party label and a party symbol. It is basically a fight over team identification and team colors. The Crypts against the Bloods. Party gang warfare. I call this useless and irrelevant conflict, Party Warfare Distraction.

Objective people know that parties have no principles --- people do.

It is demonstrably naive to believe that today's party labels mean something in the way of a coherent, integrated approach to principled self-government. The Republican's move years ago to the "Big Tent" philosophy ended any pretense to make the GOP platform a principled document to be followed by its nominated candidates.

But the American people are conditioned to vote for one of the two major parties, so at the end of the day, either a Republican or a Democrat is going to be the President and either Republicans or Democrats are going to control the House and/or Senate.

Since Bush is no better than Kerry and Kerry is no better than Bush, and since neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties (congressional and senatorial candidates) represent coherent pro-American principles and strategies, we must use the vote more strategically. We must elect, not the person(s) --- we must implement an election and governmental strategy that is most likely to succeed in achieving the implementation of our pro-American agenda.

But how do we do that if both parties are guilty of leading America down the wrong path --- away from our founding principles?

We elect partisan political gridlock in Washington, D.C. ...

This nation did relatively well with a Democrat (Clinton) in the White House and the GOP in a position of power in Congress. The partisans did what they do best and obstructed each other. America was better off for it.

As a result, the conservatives in Congress teamed with Clinton to reduce the federal deficit for the first time in decades. In addition, the 'conservatives' were able to defeat many attempts to further erode our constitutional liberties, notably the intrusion into our bank account transactions via the " Know Your Customer " legislation.

Of course, there were failures to protect the constitution during those years. The Waco, Texas massacre of the Branch Davidians by the federal government and the violation of individual civil rights that took place at Ruby Ridge, Idaho were both condoned by the federal and state governments at the time. It is easy to show they were condoned since no one was held accountable for these atrocities.

Then there were the infamous 900 FBI files on members of congress and private citizens which illegally ended up in the basement of the White House. The Clinton administration and the politicized Department of Justice claimed it was all a 'bureaucratic blunder'; a 'technical snafu.' To the consternation of 'conservatives,' no one was held accountable.

It was hoped that when George W. Bush won the White House that he would hold someone or some group accountable for those 900 FBI files, but this was the beginning of many disappointments regarding G.W. Bush. He demonstrated very quickly that in simply 'moving on,' he placed zero value in the principles of open, accessible and accountable government.

'Conservatives' and 'liberals' alike learned very quickly that George W. Bush found value in closed, secret, unaccountable, large and costly government, maybe even more so than the Democrat Bill Clinton.

Another failure during the Clinton gridlock years was passage into law of the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act that made the installation of tapping technology at phone company central offices mandatory.

But all in all, no 'conservative', 'liberal' or 'libertarian' can argue convincingly that conservatism and individual liberty were not better served during the partisan gridlock of the 1990s when compared to the all out assault upon the constitution and the federal treasury during the George W. Bush years.

Since those of us old enough to have seen decades of growth in the size, cost and intrusiveness of government also have seen that this growth occurs regardless of which party controls congress and the presidency, we know deep down that it is the system that needs reforming, not just a change of faces and controlling parties in Washington, D.C..

Fixing the system is a much more complex and long-term problem that can not be dealt with in this 2004 general election because there isn't time and there isn't a workable plan --- yet.

The best we can do is buy ourselves some time and do to the power brokers what they have been doing to us quite successfully over the past half-century --- divide and conquer.

By splitting the balance of power between the parties, we can set them and their blind partisan supporters at each others' throats along party lines. This divide and conquer election strategy will work best for us as it did during the Clinton years.

Divide and conquer is nothing new. The power brokers have used it against the voters by setting us against each other along the lines of race, color, religion, economic status and many other distinctions and divisions in society that can be exploited by those 'leaders' wishing to divide the people. This has been going on for decades. We have seen America being torn apart as a cohesive social order of people sharing a common set of principles because of these tactics, and its time we turned the tables on the power brokers.

Gridlock in Washington, D.C. is just the first step in a much more complex plan that we must implement. I am preparing this plan in book form under the tentative title, "What America Must Do Now." Once this book is complete, I will sell it from this site and others to fund the project to put the business plan of the book into action. This action will amount to legal but asymmetrical political strategy. This strategy, if you will support it with your time and dollars, will restore the balance of power in Washington, D.C. back to the founders' vision of principled self-government.

Restoring our founding principles as a nation is key to America's future success in providing a sovereign, secure and prosperous United States of America to its people.

The American people are not the enemy. Our Constitution is not the problem. Our freedoms are not the problem. Our prosperity is not the problem. A large and prosperous middle class is not the enemy. A strong and self-sufficient industrialized United States is not the problem.

The real enemy are those who view the American people as the enemy and our freedom and prosperity as the problem. Those who promote a de-industrialized America though this so-called 'free trade' are the real enemy of a sovereign, secure and prosperous United States. The enemy are those who engage America in perpetual war and thereby breed continuous generations in foreign nations who see America as a threat to their national sovereignty and well being. The real enemy are those who would use any excuse to set aside our constitutional form of government and do away with the liberties afforded each American in the Bill of Rights.

These enemies are winning at the moment. They inhabit both parties. They run the system of which both parties are now exploiting for personal gain as a mob would engage in a criminal conspiracy for profit and power.

To conquer them, we must divide them. To divide them, we must elect partisan gridlock in Washington, D.C. this November 2, 2004.


Our political system in America is broken. Since this is supposed to be a government of, by and for the people, the buck stops with the American voter. Our system of government is broken because of the people.

Richard Nixon nor Gerald Ford would not say that. Neither would George H.W. Bush (41), George W. Bush (43) or Bill Clinton (42). Neither would Ted Kennedy, Richard Gephardt, Dennis Hastert, Orrin Hatch, Hillary Clinton, Arlen Specter, Tom Delay or Chuck Schumer. That's because these are all lying politicians following the political communication rule, " Tell the people what they want to hear. "

The people do not wish to hear that our current mess is the result of their lack of attention to our political system. They do not wish to hear that they lack knowledge concerning the principles upon which this free society was founded. They do not wish to hear they lack knowledge concerning the issues being voted on each and every day. Telling them this is not going to win anyone election or reelection.

So the tone of this message is very much different from the tone of the campaigns we will wage to take America back and restore this nation's honor, integrity, humility, moral standing and respect. We must restore our nation’s sovereignty and true security, and in doing so, restore the prosperity and growth of the large middle class to which all natives and immigrants aspire.

But the campaigns to come will face reality, and we will speak the truth to the voter --- truths the voters have not heard --- ever.

We can no longer blame the politicians elected by the people for the problems facing America. All the problems facing America are the result of decisions made by the American people at the ballot box. And if we can no longer trust the integrity of the ballot box, we must reform the mechanics of the way we vote. We can and must make absolutely certain that only American citizens qualified to vote actually do the voting; that every qualified vote is counted and that each voter can verify that his or her vote is counted as it is cast.

To change America's direction and fate --- to set America back on the course of liberty, security and prosperity, we must change as a people and rediscover what America started out to be. We must rediscover the roots of America, its founding principles and its founding morality.

Until then, we need to buy us some time in this election. We need partisan gridlock in WDC.

Vote for Kerry as president and your GOP candidates for US House and Senate.