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• 2006.05.17 •
latimes 2006.03.24 The Grand March
Photo by LA Times of the Grand March of illegal aliens and
their advocates on 2006.03.24 in Los Angeles. (modified by David)
Border Security Battle More Important
Than Fuzzy Pentagon Stills of 911 Attack.

2005.05.16 Pentagon Image Release:
Requires New Laws of Photographic Evidence
Diverts attention from securing borders

by David Sadler

This is an update to an article published 2005.03.24 titled, FOIA Request NO. 1006892-000 "Documenting the legal process to obtain confiscated videos showing Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11."

The update is spurred by a new release of more frames from Pentagon security cameras of the attack upon the Pentagon on 2001.09.11. This release comes the day after President George W. Bush, was forced to give a rare, prime-time speech to the nation to argue an amnesty program for tens of millions of illegal aliens in the United States as a vast majority of the nation demands action to secure the US/Mexico border against illegal immigration.

This release of Pentagon stills has succeeded in diverting much of the alternative press away from the largest upwelling of public sentiment against a current government policy since the Vietnam War. That policy is the Open Borders / Unregulated Immigration policy that is allowing the United States to be invaded from Mexico by literally tens of millions of illegal aliens.

The United States MUST secure its borders and enforce its current laws against illegal entry and illegal hiring of illegal workers BEFORE any talk of legalizing the illegals. This battle is being fought right now. But much of the alternative media has taken the bait and diverted the attention of its audience by spending hour upon hour and day upon day wallowing in the new Pentagon stills release.

There is only ONE critical point regarding the Pentagon's latest release. Here it is...

Any video or still imagery not released immediately after an event is suspect given the potential for image manipulation in this modern digital age. ANY 9-11 Pentagon imagery released now or in the future can not be trusted.

A clear item of action by a new Congress of newly elected representatives to the US House, must be to pass clear and unequivocal laws mandating the immediate release of all confiscated photographic evidence after a national event.

The old legal argument that this might interfere with an investigation underway has now been offset by modern technology to manipulate imagery using computers. This necessitates a new legal requirement to PROTECT the certifiable credibility of imagery by releasing it immediately after confiscation and logging. Immediately would be on the order of one or two hours after confiscation. Any embargo of release beyond logging provides time to alter the evidence digitally.

This is the only way to (1) safeguard the video and still images from digital manipulation, and (2) provide any evidentiary value to the material so as to aid a reasonable determination as to what actually happened.

The Pentagon video/still issue requires a change in evidence handling, that is clear. But the future release of any video/stills from the Pentagon is now irrelevant. Such a release can no longer prove anything because years have passed since the photographic evidence was confiscated offering ample opportunity to alter the evidence digitally.

Now, let's get back to the real battle, occuring right now, that must be won without compromise IF America is going to remain a sovereign nation in control of its very own borders. These things must be done. Items one through four can be done simultaneously. Item five will occur as a natural circumstance AFTER item one is accomplished.
  1. Secure the border to illegal traffic.
  2. Enforce current laws against illegal entry and illegal hiring.
  3. Eliminate the anchor-baby loop hole. A child born in the United States to a non-citizen should not be granted US citizenship.
  4. Make English the official language of the United States. All government business must be conducted and all voting ballots must be printed in English only.
  5. Allow attrition to handle the depopulation of illegals who will return to Mexico and all points elsewhere once current laws are enforced preventing them from gaining work.

• 2005.03.24 •

FOIA Request NO. 1006892-000
"Documenting the legal process to obtain confiscated videos showing Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11"

The FBI confiscated at least two video tapes of the Pentagon attack on 9/11.
The DOJ refuses to release them.
This FOIA action attempts to make them public.
by David Sadler
Published 2005.03.24
Revised 2005.07.17
purdue1_sim_sm.jpg - 39988 Bytes Source: source:
Photo credit unavailable
Simulated American Flight 77 (Boeing 757) scaled to Pentagon
Photo credit: Pentagon Security Camera
Pentagon video of Pentagon attack.
No Boeing 757 can be seen in this Pentagon supplied video.
Video images on CNN here // video analysis here
Source: (cropped)
757 scaled to match tail with video fin/tail.
757 fuselage would have been visible.
No such fuselage is seen in the video.

People are going to ask, “If whatever hit the Pentagon on 9-11 wasn’t American Airlines flight 77 (a Boeing 757), then where did flight 77 go and where are the passengers?

These same people will then make this observation. “Such a vast conspiracy could not be kept secret. If flight 77 didn’t hit the Pentagon, don’t you think it would have been on TV by now?”

The short answer to those questions is, “I don’t know,” but luckily, these questions don’t have to be answered. Firstly, answering them would be speculation on anyone’s part. Secondly, answering those questions is not relevant to the points being made in this article. These points question the video evidence put forward to support the official version of events at the Pentagon on 2001.09.11 and question why the government would not release ALL video evidence of the attack IF it supports the official version of events.
  1. Point 1: The only video evidence presented by the Pentagon showing the actual attack fails to show a Boeing 757. When a 757 is scaled to match the angle of attack and the size of the tail/fin shown in frame one of the Pentagon supplied video, it becomes clear by simple observation that the object captured on the video is not a 757.
  2. Point 2: Two other videos that would show the aircraft attacking the Pentagon were confiscated by the FBI the day of the attack and have never been shown to the public.
  3. Point 3: Pursuant to an FOIA request to release these videos, the videos have been identified as being in the possession of the DOJ, but their release under the FOIA is being denied by the DOJ.
The logic and implications are straight forward.
  • The government supplied video evidence fails to substantiate the official version of events.
  • The DOJ refusal to release two other videos of the attack that would show the attack aircraft are being withheld from the public.
  • The withheld videos contradict the official version of the Pentagon 9-11 attack. The government is involved in an illegal suppression of evidence while engaging in a criminal conspiracy to misrepresent the actual events at the Pentagon on the morning of 2001.09.11.
  • Appended 2006.05.17: An additional valid argument states that the government is engaged in a conspiracy to discredit the entire 9-11 truth movement by setting up the Pentagon strike as a straw man argument.

    By withholding the best clear video/still evidence and releasing only images that do not show a 757, speculation naturally leads towards the claim that a 757 did not impact the Pentagon. Subsequent release of clear video or stills showing a 757 impacting the Pentagon would then discredit the entire 9-11 movement.

    There are multiple problems with attempting to construct such a straw man. The primary invalidating attribute is the principle argument of this article. Any video or still imagery not released immediately after an event is suspect given the manipulation that imagery can be exposed to in this modern digital age.
The FOIA lawsuit seeks to obtain FBI confiscated video of this attack so the object hitting the Pentagon can be identified once and for all. The problem is, after having been held for this amount of time, the videos may have been altered. Before calling this paranoid, take this test to see if you can tell authentic video from simulated video.

Two vidoes are sought in this FOIA lawsuit mounted by One from the Citgo gas station and one from the Sheraton National Hotel.

[[[CORRECTION: According to the FBI during the FOIA request proceedings initiated by Scott Bingham, the hotel was the Doubletree in Arlington, VA, not the Sheraton as is widely reported. (20060516.dss)]]]

Both had line-of-sight to this event. Both tapes were confiscated by the FBI on 9/11/2001. According to DOJ FOIA denials (letters in linked article), these videos have been located but are exempt from release to the public. The lawsuit seeks the release of these videos.
Original FBI FOIA Request
October 14, 2004
[snip] ... I seek any videotapes in the possession of the FBI that may have captured the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. I believe two of the videotapes were from closed circuit televisions at the Citgo Gas Station and the Sheraton National Hotel, both located in Arlington, Virginia. These videotapes, I believe, were confiscated by the FBI on September 11, 2001...
[snip] ... search for all main files, cross-references and Electronic Surveillance (elsur) files responsive to this request. While I believe all Pentbom records are located at FBI Headquarters, please search any other field offices or facilities where Pentbom records may be located... [snip]

FBI Response
November 3, 2004
[snip] ... Based on the information furnished, a search of the automated indices as well as the Electronic Surveillance indices to our Central Records System files at FBI Headquarters revealed no record responsive to your FOIA request... [snip]

Appeal to DOJ
November 17, 2004
FOIA Request NO. 1006892-000
[snip] ... Knowing the amount of material collected by the FBI concerning this attack, and the lack of recent FBI employees’ knowledge and application of the FBI’s indexing systems, it is quite likely that these record exist but are not indexed to the FBI’s Central Records System by any searchable terms I can describe. Please have the FBI speak directly with the Pentbom Investigators to ascertain where the records are so that they can process and release them to me... [snip]

DOJ Response to Appeal
[snip] ... After carefully considering your appeal, and as a result of discussions between FBI personnel and a member of my staff, the FBI conducted a further search and located records that are responsive to your request. This information is properly withheld because it is protected from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552 (b) (7) (A). This provision concerns records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, the release of which could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings... [snip]

Lawsuit Filed Against DOJ and FBI
[snip] ... 4.) Plaintiff has encountered a veritable culture of misinformation and outlandish conspiracy theories concerning Flight 77’s final moments. Plaintiff seeks the requested material so that he can find out for himself and others what exactly happened in Flight 77’s final moments.
[snip] ... 17.) Plaintiff is entitled by law to access the record requested under the FOIA.
18.) Defendants Department of Justice and FBI are in violation of the FOIA, 5 U.S.C 552, by failing to fully and lawfully fulfill Plaintiff’s FOIA request, and by failing to respond to Plaintiff’s administrative appeal.
[snip] ... WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully requests that the Court:
[snip] ... 2) Order Defendants to immediately search for and release all records responsive to Plaintiff’s FOIA request; [snip] ...
Full article...

'material ... exempt from disclosure' letter // U.S. DoJ to attorney Scott Hodes.
• video: Major General Stubblebine, If the plane don't fit, you must acquit.
• Regarding the confiscated security tapes from [Citgo] gas station owner, Jose Velasquez...
"His gas station, open only to Department of Defense personnel, is the last structure between the Pentagon and the hillside that, hours later, would become a wailing knoll. "By the time I got outside all I could see was a giant cloud of smoke, first white then black, coming from the Pentagon," he said. "It was just a terrible, terrible thing to be so close to."

"Velasquez says the gas station's security cameras are close enough to the Pentagon to have recorded the moment of impact. "I've never seen what the pictures looked like," he said. "The FBI was here within minutes and took the film."
"Three Months On, Tension Lingers Near the Pentagon," Bill McKelway, Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 11, 2001