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ap photo: dutch reject eu constitution
AP photo: Dutch celebrate rejection of EU constitution
French and Dutch Patriots Reject EU/NWO Constitution
Major Tactical Defeat for the New World Order
Brief comments by David Sadler

The Yahoo headline below is, "Europe in crisis after Dutch, French reject treaty." Nothing could be further from the truth. The New World Order might be in crisis, but the people of Europe are not. The Dutch and French have shown the world that not all Europeans are so gullible as to believe the lies, distortions and empty promises of utopia offered up by those who would control the world. That is not a crisis - no, not even a problem. It is cause for celebration by freedom loving people everywhere. Today, we are all Europeans in celebration.

By rejecting the EU constitution, the French and Dutch people have just defended their homelands from a direct assualt by the globalist elite. The German people would have rejected it as well if they had been allowed to vote on the measure.

The New World Order (One World Government) crowd cannot be happy with this setback, but those who value national sovereignty, individual liberty and self-determination are celebrating.

I congratulate the people of France and the Netherlands on their impressive stand against those who would destroy their true national identities, cultures, liberty and prosperity in the name of centralized, global control of people everywhere. But all should know this war is not over. This is only one battle. The NWO/OWG are not wringing their hands. They are plotting their next move to propel their multi-generational agenda foward. They will persist. We must also. Savor the victory, but make sure the sentries are on watch.
-- David Sadler --
Excerpts from:
French And Dutch Patriots Rout The New World Order
by Michael James

On May 29, 2005, under a blazing sun, a raggle-taggle army of French patriots, nationalists, libertarians, conservatives, socialists and communists joined together as one in an unprecedented strategic alliance and mounted a stunning, crippling attack on the New World Order in the heart of Europe.

Just three days later, fired by the courage of their French cousins to the south, the Dutch people rallied to the standard and put to flight whatever remained of the European elites' parasitic army of self-absorbed, Lucifer-worshipping propagandists; treading underfoot all 252 pages of 'The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe', a veritable Devil's Charter for the final subjugation and control of an already heavily regulated people.

... The mainstream German press, constrained as it is by a general prohibition on all talk of alternatives to the European Union, could only speculate on what might have happened had the German people been allowed to vote. "The fears that surfaced during the debate in France are not foreign to us," said Henrik Uterwedde, Deputy Director of the German-French Institute in Ludwigsburg. If Germans had been granted a referendum, he continued, "the discussion would have gone exactly the same way".

"The French voted for us," was a common refrain on the streets of Frankfurt.

... As I write, millions of them are kicking the corpse of this odious treaty; and should there be yet one twitch remaining in the body of its articles, the British and the Danes will finish the job.

For American readers unacquainted with life on the European continent, understand that this is nothing less than the start of a full-blooded political insurrection that cuts right across the artificial political divide. While the wheels have come off the European project, leaving the vehicle stuck in a constitutional ditch, opponents of the globalist agenda are now poised for what should be an aggressive and determined attack on the very engine of expansion and integration.

For both Americans and Europeans, the enemy is the same. It employs trauma-based economic terrorism under the banner of 'free markets' to demolish the nation state and our God-given rights to liberty and self-determination. It works through price-gouging, tax largesse for corporations that destroy free-enterprise, the wholesale destruction of the middle classes by encouraging the export of quality jobs abroad and the import of cheap labour to displace what few options are left. It is dedicated to the creation of artificial conflicts and trivial distractions to keep people divided and drugged, and it maintains the constant drumbeat of militarism that nuances the dance of death in which the United Nations and the United States are willing partners who fake being out of step.

The world has long since surrendered its hope that fearless Americans will rise up by force of arms and reclaim their birthright, retaking their great country from the freedom and wealth-destroying Zionist cabal in Washington. While their children die for Israel and oil in a war to depopulate a broken Arab nation that did them no harm, most Americans are lost in a bizarre fantasy world of asinine government propaganda, junk entertainment and effeminate shopping malls.

But though, for now, the issue is a diabolical treaty settled without a whiff of gun-smoke at the ballot box, the French have raised the standard of resistance against a wounded but unrepentant New World Order, and the battle lines are drawn. Europe's parasitic elites in London, Brussels and Strasbourg will neither forgive nor forget; and in the months and years to come, they will not go down without drawing blood. So mark this day and mark it well, for Europe stands before the fire.

At long last, the fight-back has begun.
Michael James is a British freelance journalist and translator, resident in Germany for almost 13 years. His full article is linked below.
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