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December 12, 2010

David Chandler
Analysis of The North Tower Explosion

Observational Evidence • What Do You See?
Architechs & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

December 12, 2010

David Chandler
Analysis of The North Tower Explosion

Observational Evidence • What Do You See?
Cutter Charges on Corner Box Columns
Architechs & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

December 12, 2010

Mark Basile Chemical Engineer
Analysis of WTC Explosions Nano-Thermite

Architechs & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

December 5, 2010
Chevy Volt - Motor Trends 2011 Car of the Year
The Beginning Has Begun
Congratulations to the GM Volt Team!

• Read the Motor Trend article here.

2011 Chevy Volt #2 in Upscale Midsize Cars / US News & World Report

GM to Add 1,000 Electric Vehicle Engineering and Development Jobs in Michigan
Work will focus on next-generation electric vehicles beyond Chevrolet Volt
GM News, 2010-11-30

"... The new jobs will build on GM’s strategy to develop, validate and manufacture automotive battery,
electric motor and power control technologies in-house as core competencies ..." -- GM News, 2010-11-30

"GM is going to lead the industry in the adoption of various vehicle electrification technologies,
whether its electric vehicles with extended-range capability, like the Chevrolet Volt,
or the recently introduced eAssist technology that will debut on the 2012 Buick LaCrosse."
-- GM CEO Dan Akerson, GM News, 2010-11-30 --

November 27, 2010
More On Human Nature & the Role of Government
Originally posted to the Ron Paul Meetup Jan 24, 2009
© 2009 David Sadler

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened ... I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform."
-- Norman Mattoon Thomas, Socialist Party candidate for US President in a 1944 speech --

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."
-- Margaret Thatcher --

The quotes by Norman Thomas and Margaret Thatcher are partisan views of a universal and nonpartisan human nature that dictates societal evolution towards large, centralized government leading to eventual tyranny just as many in the animal kingdom are driven to migrate by their nature. The left and right (liberal and conservative) are false paradigms used by the few to divide and conquer the masses.

We have far too much history and data available now to deny that governments trend towards centralized control, double standards of justice and rule by a privileged elite regardless of what party or philosophical flag is flown by the party or philosophical faithful in charge of a government at any one moment in time. This inevitably leads to what we are now witnessing after total rule by the Republicans ('conservative') and what is now being handed off to the Democrats ('liberal'). That is, risk, 'service', and sacrifice are socialized while control, profit and power are privatized.

Our battle is not against the false paradigms of party and labels or even religion or ethnicity, but against human nature. If things are going to change, WE must change. For us to change, we must understand the failings of human nature and exert both energy and intelligence to overcome these failings. Human nature and instinct causes humans to react in predictable ways. We must recognize this and understand that we should act intelligently - not react instinctively.

We must concentrate on the Golden Rule of government to provide for the common needs of all rather than the perceived special interests of a few that are favored by the shifting winds of political expediency. What are these basic needs shared by all? Refer to the preamble of the US Constitution and review Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

How these basic needs are provided is our great challenge. Government must remain limited and small. But the environment and opportunity created by government policy must provide a path for people to obtain life's most basic needs, otherwise there is really no purpose for government at all.

September 19, 2010
The Pendulum Swings
© 2010 David Sadler

The Powers That Be
Weren’t born in a tree
Nor yesterday

From the Beginning
The rulers were created
As intelligent beings
As you and me

Those that rule are ancient
With knowledge and ways
Passed down through haze of millenniums

Presidents, Kings and Prime Ministers
Are mere puppets
Dancing to song
Only the puppeteers can hear

Human Nature they have
Studied and writ in a book
Memorized and known by heart
As a means to rule the gullible masses

Every action yields a reaction
In physics and Human Behavior
How people behave
Is known from cradle to grave

Humans are tribal
With kin and clan
Party and Team
Colors, pins and patches

All of which
Lead to limitations imposed
As to how to know
What is to be known
To walk a life truly free and enlightened

Still amazed and entertained
By the magician’s slight of hand
While the puppeteers pull their strings
With unseen hands

The pendulum teaches a lesson
As do the seasons and cycles of Creation

What is to be seen
When looking into a mirror
The mirror is a reflection of you
Or is it a reflection of
Human Nature and Human Behavior

Particles react
To the laws of physics
Humans react
To the instincts of Human Nature

The enlightened Human thinks
To escape instinctive pre-destination
And the well trod path
Of a manipulated reactive life

The Rulers rule
Placing the blame
The pendulum swings

As the Rulers pull the strings
Providing the alternatives
Making them the victors
Regardless of people's choosing

Applying forces against Human Nature
The Particles of People react unknowing
Thinking they are free
Thinking they make the choice

The People can learn
As the Rulers have
But the tribe must be put
Into it’s place

People must learn to
Observe, think and act
From unbiased and
Universal Principle

Choose now
Particle bounced to and fro
Or free soul
In control
Of a single life
On a beautiful planet

Until then the ageless arguments and blame
Of forgotten billions and inevitable faceless trillions
Echo from the distant past
And roll into an endless future
Defending tribe and patches
While universal principles in action flee from Humanity
As wind on the face of a raging ocean

The pendulum swings
Back and forth
From election to election
From war to war
From revolution to revolution
From the rise of nations
To their fall
From the rise of civilizations
To their last gasp and dying ember

Until a person’s life on Earth is finished

# # #

It seems these days that poems travel far distances on the Internet – more so than just another political opinion. So let’s try the poem above to get the point across that BOTH parties have led and are leading America and its people to ruin.

Readers of this site are well aware of the fact that I support national sovereignty for all nations wishing to be free and independent from foreign influence and dependence, so please substitute your nation for 'America' as you read.

Obama and the Democrats were elected because Bush and the Republicans were a disaster. The American people were and are sick and tired of watching their lives and their beloved America go down in flames. Before Bush was Clinton. Before him was Bush. Republicans – Democrats - Republicans – Democrats - Republicans – Democrats - Republicans – Democrats. The lies fly and the pendulum swings back and forth without really going anywhere new.

In the meantime the POLICIES AND PRINCIPLES IN PLAY leading America and Americans to ruin remain unchanged by either party. What are some of these disastrous policies?

• ‘Free Trade’ has cost Americans their domestic industry, jobs and national self-reliance. People have forgotten the difference between self-sufficiency and isolationism. It’s time they remembered.

• Endless foreign wars have cost Americans their blood, national treasury and good will with people the world over. People don’t know the definition of imperialism and have forgotten that Germany and the Soviet Union were despised because each tried to control the world with military force.

• A government monopoly on public ‘education’ has cost Americans the basic principle of parental rights and has deprived America of an educated populous that knows how to think as independent, creative individuals. Thomas Jefferson warned us that, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." But it seems that everyone is either retired from the public indoctrination system or has a teacher or edu-crat in the family now, so we can’t promote the alternatives of home schooling and school choice – Heaven forbid good old American competition and choice in the matter when it comes to educating our children.

• Energy dependence upon foreign sources of energy. “Drill, Baby, drill” is fine, but until America is energy independent, it had better fully research, develop and exploit the science of endless, renewable energy. We are talking science and physics here. America became great in part because it used energy to achieve high standards of living and high levels of productivity. America is one war away from being starved of energy. If that war happens, the energy supply lines will be cut. A nation that uses 20 million +/- barrels of oil per day may then have to survive on the 8 million +/- barrels per day that it produces domestically and absorb the cost of global war all at the same time. Do the math. It doesn’t look good for retirement and big screen TVs if we keep telling nuclear powers such as China and Russia that the U.S. owns the mineral rights in the Middle East and Central Eurasia. It’s just a matter of time until the great equalizers are readied for launch in a show down that will put the prior world wars to shame. I’ve been a strong advocate of the SDI (strategic defense initiative) since the night Ronald Reagan proposed it. I have full faith and knowledge that it can be developed, but here’s the bad news. It isn’t ready yet and will not be ready for perhaps decades because of the numbers of weapons and types of delivery systems involved and the size, complexity and vulnerability of the electronic and computerized infrastructure upon which the system depends.

• Open borders and failure to regulate immigration is costing Americans our culture, language, economy and trust in our officials to enforce even the most basic laws to protect and defend the nation. This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with your own personal principle of telling uninvited persons breaking into your house, eating your food and writing checks from your bank account to get the hell out.

• A culture in which government officials and employees (elected, appointed and hired) are not accountable to the same standards imposed upon the People. The Federal Reserve can print TRILLIONS of dollars and dole it out to THEMSELVES AND OTHER FOREIGN BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS without being held accountable. Visitors to this website know that since the Bush administration, there’s been posted information showing that these Banksters threatened members of our congress with martial law if they did not ‘legalize’ by law the ability of the Banksters to print money to bail themselves out of their own bad business decisions by allowing them to ‘legally’ by law print trillions and give it to themselves. Everyone really should read ‘The Law’ by Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850). Yes, it’s an old work but true - except for his love affair with 'free trade.' As the poem above tries but fails to rhyme, these methods of controlling and exploiting the law and choices are not new inventions of the political parties in America. This is ancient knowledge applied by rulers throughout history.

"The law perverted! And along with it all the collective forces of the nation! The law, I say, not only turned aside from its proper end, but made to pursue a directly contrary end! The law become the instrument, instead of the restrainer, of all kinds of cupidity! The law itself perpetrating the very iniquity that it is its function to punish! Certainly, if this is so, it is a serious matter, to which I should be allowed to call the attention of my fellow citizens ... This question of legal plunder must be decided once for all ..." -- Frédéric Bastiat from ‘The Law’ --

Meanwhile, the American people complain a little as they continue to watch their jobs, pensions, savings, culture, language, national self-sufficiency and national security disappear. Then it’s back to watching TV resigned to the now very pervasive national defeatist attitude among Americans that America is finished. That’s the way it has been in the past for other nations throughout history, but it doesn’t have to be that way now – not for America and not for Americans. That is if we will use our intellect and invoke our will to change the rules of the game and become players for a real ‘change.’

Anyway, the poem above will probably go farther, having more impact, than this opinionated lecture.

David Sadler

August 1, 2010

nye_sheriff_badge.jpg - 12445 Bytes

Constitutional Sheriff Tony DeMeo
by Cassandra Anderson
July 30, 2010

"In this 3-part video interview with Tony DeMeo, Sheriff of Nye County, Nevada, he explains that he is a Constitutional Sheriff and that authority for public office holders is derived from the people. He tells the story about how he used the Constitution as his foundation in the saga of Nye County rancher Wayne Hage's disputes over encroachments by the federal government. While Wayne Hage's case centered around property rights in federally managed lands, Sheriff Tony DeMeo's example is relevant for everyone to understand the power of local government, the importance of following the Constitution and upholding the Tenth Amendment (states' rights and sovereignty)."

Video Interview with Sheriff Tony DeMeo
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Read the full story here.

Related books and articles:

• "Storm Over Rangelands, Private Rights in Federal Lands" by Wayne Hage
Cassandra Anderson writes, "Wayne Hage wrote his book after suffering illegal cattle seizures by armed federal agents and chronicled the history of how the robber baron bankers and railroad magnates monopolized the western states over 100 years ago. Hage wrote that the northern core financiers were aware that there are two ways to monopolize any resource, "One, get all of it for yourself that you can; two, keep anybody else from getting what you can't." Public Lands and National Forests were created along with restrictive regulations, using environmental protection as the excuse."

• Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’ / CBS News
"What’s very troubling is the fact that at a time when we in law enforcement and our state need help from the federal government, instead of sending help they put up billboard-size signs warning our citizens to stay out of the desert in my county because of dangerous drug and human smuggling and weapons and bandits and all these other things and then, behind that, they drag us into court with the ACLU."
-- Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu quoted By Penny Starr in the CBS News article, "Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’", published Monday, August 02, 2010 --

Constitutional Law Enforcement Association (Sheriff Richard Mack)

Aid & Abet (Police, Military & Intelligence officers, Jack McLamb)

July 19, 2010
Click to go to the Washington Post Top Secret America investigation website

“The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.

“These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine."

Excerpt from "Top Secret America." Full Washington Post investigation here.

"Top Secret America": The Rest Of The Story
by Chuck Baldwin

"On the surface, the Post report appears to be a valiant effort by a major mainstream newspaper (second in influence to only the New York Times) to expose widespread government abuse and chicanery. But don’t get too excited yet.

"In Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (July 23, 2010), Skousen writes, “The [Post] series has just enough tantalizing information to sell a lot of papers, but almost nothing that exposes the illicit side of US operations–a large portion of which is involved in recruiting, training, and running covert agents–only a small portion of which are spying on real enemies. A lot of spying targets our allies and patriotic Americans who the government worries could someday provide a source of rebellion against the growing totalitarian state.”

"Skousen further charges that there is a “dark side” to “each agency of [federal] law enforcement.” This “dark side” involves “a lot of compartmentalization, front activities, hidden budgets and false stories in order to keep honest government employees and agents from knowing what’s going on behind their backs."

Full story here.

Vast Intelligence Buildup Is To Oil Pentagon War Machine
by Sherwood Ross
Black Listed News

"The Washington Post’s revelations re the amazing growth of the U.S. intelligence community since 2001 ... makes no sense, until one recognizes that this vast development must be for offensive, not defensive, purposes. The explosion in the spy budget from $30 billion to $75 billion since 9/11 is perplexing until you realize it only parallels what is happening across the broad spectrum of the military-industrial complex ... The vast intelligence apparatus The Post uncovered ... makes no sense when the only enemies are a handful of shoe bombers. It makes perfect sense, though, when the Pentagon is intimidating the world by ringing it with 800 bases in 130 countries, and when the intelligence build-up is companion to the military build-up ... U.S. military spending for 2009 accounted for 43% of the world total, followed by China, with 6.6%; France, 4.2%; and U.K. with 3.8% ... Where the U.S. allocated only $272-billion for defense in fiscal year 2000, today’s defense budget is $711 billion. The U.S. Navy, for example, is larger than the next 11 navies of the world combined ... "

"The army is at war, but the country is not. We have managed to create and field an armed force that can engage in very, very lethal warfare without the society in whose name it fights breaking a sweat."
-- historian David Kennedy of Stanford quoted by Elisabeth Bumiller of The New York Times in the July 25th edition --

Full story here.

July 18, 2010

Congressman Larry McDonald On the
Globalist Conspiracy to Destroy National Sovereignty

(This foresight is from a 1983 broadcast of Crossfire
giving us, in 2010, the ability to look back at all
that has happened and judge who was correct based
upon policies and events from 1983 to 2010.)

"Around May of 1983, approximately 4 months before being shot down in KAL007, Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden on Crossfire as they badger him about his new role as Chairman of the John Birch Society. He easily handles them and answers questions concerning the Elite's Conspiracy for a One World Government."

As it turns out now in clear retrospect, Congressman Larry McDonald was correct while Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Tom Braden was clearly wrong and Pat Buchanan danced around the issue trying to appease both sides without committing to fighting the conspiracy to destroy national sovereignty and establish world government. Carroll Quigley is mentioned in the Crossfire. Some Quigley quotes below.

"There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In Fact, this network, which we may identity as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any group, and frequently does so ... I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records.

"... The CFR [Council On Foreign Relations, New York City] is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national directives should be obliterated and one-world rule established ... I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."
-- Dr. Carroll Quigley, Professor of International Relations, Georgetown University Foreign Service School, Washington, D.C., author of the epic "Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time", advocate of one-world government and personal mentor of President William Clinton (who acknowledged Professor Quigley during his 1992 presidential inauguration speech) --

July 11, 2010

Click to donate to the Arizona Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund.   Click to donate to the Arizona Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund.

Contribute to the Arizona Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund.
Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the of their country.
Now is the time to take action and help Arizona set the legal precedent against the Federalies'
demonstrated policy to allow illegal immigration to flood the U.S. from Mexico.

"Today, we received official notice of the federal government’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona.

"I am sure you will agree with me that the Administration’s lawsuit is an outrageous use of taxpayer money and a sure sign that the President is more interested in politics than securing our southern border.

"This lawsuit follows the President’s immigration speech in which he called for comprehensive immigration reform that – not surprisingly – includes a path to citizenship for those who entered our country illegally.

"Let me be clear, I will defend the rule of law all the way to the Supreme Court of this land if necessary. I will continue to demand that the Federal government live up to its responsibility to control our Southern border and to protect our homeland. And, I will oppose the President’s amnesty plan.

"In order to respond to President Obama’s lawsuit I have set up a legal defense fund to pay the legal fees that Arizona has been forced to incur as a result of all of these lawsuits.

"I urge all Americans who want a secure border to contribute to this fund immediately.

"This is not just an Arizona issue, this is an American issue. Are we or are we not going to enforce the rule of law in America? The burden alone should not be shouldered by Arizonans. Arizona needs you to answer the call today, right now.

"Make no mistake; Arizona’s immigration law affects the safety and well-being of every U.S. citizen. The federal government has failed to enforce the rule of law.

"As long as the Federal Government refuses to do its job, I will ensure that Arizona continues to live by a rule of law.

"Your immediate donation of $250, $125, $75 or whatever you can afford you can afford will go directly into fighting President Obama’s lawsuit. I do ask that you make this very important commitment today so we can immediately begin to defend against the President’s actions.

"Arizona is the front line of our nation’s illegal immigration crisis. The federal government is broken and our border is not secure. That is why Arizona had to act.

"I will not stop fighting to protect our country. I will defend us in federal court and we will continue to do the job President Obama refuses to do.

"Join me today by clicking here now."

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
July 6, 2010 (by email)

"... All donations collected will be deposited into the Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense fund to be used by Arizona on Border Security and Immigration matters ... No campaign or reelection contributions are accepted ... Donor information submitted may be subject to Arizona's public records laws."

Statement of Donor Intent - Unconditional
Donation to the Border Security & Immigration Legal Defense Fund
Donation for Keep AZ Safe

I hereby make a donation to the Governor of the State of Arizona for the sum of $100.00 to be held by the State Treasurer in an account for the purpose of receiving donated monies kept separate from the State's general fund. This account will be administered in accordance with A.R.S. §§ 35-142, 35-149, 41-1105 and any applicable Executive Order of the Governor. I agree that this donation is not refundable after thirty (30) days from the date referenced below or for amounts less than one hundred dollars ($100). I intend this donation to be used for the purpose of promoting the interest of the state or to promote and encourage citizen public service to the state on border security and immigration matters.* I authorize the Office of the Governor to determine the best use of this donation consistent with A.R.S. § 41-1105. I place no other restrictions, terms or conditions on this donation.

First and Last Name: David Sadler
Date: July 11, 2010

* I understand that expenditures of donations received for the purpose of border security and immigration matters may include, but are not limited to, the following expenses relating to the performance of official duties by the Office of the Governor: expenses related to the legal defense of laws 2010, Chapter 113 (SB1070) and laws 2010 chapter 211 (HB2162), expenses related to securing the border, expenses related to immigration policy issues, expenses related to communicating border security and immigration matters, and expenses related to assisting local jurisdictions and law enforcement with border security and immigration items.

Click to go to Keep Arizona Safe website for information on Arizona's efforts to enforce U.S. immigration laws in the state of Arizona.

July 11, 2010

Arizona Governor Brewer to Obama:
Do Your Job - Secure Our Border
The Obama Administration is conceding the U.S. border to Mexico. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is doing her job. Where are the Congresspersons and Sentors who have sworn an oath to protect this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic?

• DEMAND our border be secured and OPPOSE any boycott of Arizona. Sign the Petition
Secure the / Support Arizona
• Read Arizona Senate Bill 1070 as amended by House Bill 2162 / inform yourself
• Review Gov. Jan Brewer's speech about Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act
• Read the Press Release about SB1070
cawelcomesuframe.jpg - 236788 Bytes
July 11, 2010
This site supports
The Great State of Arizona
in its courageous effort to protect
its people, economy, culture, standard of living & security.

By taking this heroic stand
Arizona is protecting the entire nation and all of its legal citizens
regardless of our diverse pool of race, religion and national origins.

The people and groups of people who have
co-opted the government of the United States of America:
• conduct global wars of aggression and occupation
• allow banksters to print trillions of dollars for themselves
• refuse to hold 'too big to fail' corporations accountable for criminal behavior and
• continue to deindustrialize America under the cover of 'free trade'

These globalists are the same perps who are
• allowing the US/Mexico border to remain open to uncontrolled illegal immigration.

It's past time to fight back on all these fronts.
Regarding the open boarder:

• Identify the media, groups, institutions, cities and states that are boycotting Arizona.

• Divert as much business and as many conventions as possible to the state of Arizona.
Make travel plans to spend the next vacation in Arizona.
See the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest.

• Identify the politicians who are criticizing Arizona for protecting its borders
• then raise up and support a challenger to these turncoats at the earliest opportunity.

Let the good folks of Arizona know you support them.
Email Governor Jan Brewer. Email the sponsors and co-sponsors of the immigration law.
Let them know YOU support THEM.

The time is now to take the initiative on this and other primary issues.
It's time to identify the anti-American forces within the borders and
boycott them, defeat them at the polls and remove them from power.
Treason needs to be defined and analyzed for application against
elected officials who advocate for open borders and
who fail to act at the federal level to defend the border.
Not only Americans, but people the world over will see their
lives change for the better immediately once America reforms itself.

Related articles:
State of Arizona: Senate Bill 1070 / pdf
Sen Kyl: President Admitted He Purposely Doesn’t Secure Mexican Border;Wants it Open for Leverage / video
"Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a North Tempe Tea Party town hall meeting that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, the President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico, "The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support 'comprehensive immigration reform.'"
-- Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl, Youtube --
Clinton: Obama Administration To Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law / Real Clear Politics Video
• AZ Governor Brewer: We Will Meet Them In Court, and We Will Win: Fox News / video
Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border: Coyotes, Bears, and Trails / video
Senator [Robert Menendez, D-NJ] calls for boycott of Arizona All Star game / Defeat Sen.Menendez
Homeland Sec. Director Convicted In Illegal Alien Case / Judicial Watch
Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that! / Boycott Absolut

July 11, 2010
"Ladies and gentlemen, you are now under arrest."

Police State Cops Arrest Americans Riding Bikes
charging them with "Unlawful Assembly."
Check out the stormtrooper body armor

July 11, 2010

An American Mother Who Protests For A Free Palestine
Receives A Visit From The FBI

June 27, 2010

Fall of the Republic (full length HQ)
Become informed regarding the false Left / Right, 'Liberal' / 'Conservative' paradigm
that has controlled your political thinking throughout your entire voting life.
This film digs deep into the Banksters' frauds, schemes and criminal acts
that are taking this nation to ruin and its citizens into a loss of prosperity.
It identifies by name and organization many of the perps and their methods.
Become informed, independent and take control of
your one and only life on this planet.
YOU are under attack. DEFEND yourself!

Don't be so naieve to believe that help will be delivered
by those who are attacking you.
Become Principle and Policy driven - not Party and Personality driven.

"For the first time in human history, Mankind is politically awakened. That is a total new reality."
"Most people know what is 'generally' going on in the world and are consciously aware
of global iniquities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation.
Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring.
The combination of the two: a diversified global leadership - political awakened masses
makes a much more difficult context for any major power including currently
the leading world power - the United States.
-- Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global [political] Awakening amongst the common people,
speaking at a CFR branch meeting in Montreal discussing world government --

June 11, 2010

Pentagon hunts WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in bid to gag website
Soldier Bradley Manning said to have leaked diplomatic cables to whistleblower, plus video of US troops killing Iraqis
Chris McGreal in Washington
Friday 11 June 2010 19.02 BST

"The Daily Beast, a US news reporting and opinion website, reported that Pentagon investigators are trying to track down Julian Assange – an Australian citizen who moves frequently between countries – after the arrest of a US soldier last week who is alleged to have given the whistleblower website a classified video of American troops killing civilians in Baghdad.

"... Before his arrest, Manning told Lamo he was in part motivated to leak the video and documents by being ordered to look the other way in the face of injustice.

"Messages from Manning, obtained by Wired, say he found that 15 Iraqis arrested by Iraqi police for printing "anti-Iraq" literature had merely put together an assessment of government corruption.

"I immediately took that information and ran to the [US army] officer to explain what was going on. He didn't want to hear any of it. He told me to shut up and explain how we could assist the [Iraqi police] in finding MORE detainees," Manning wrote.

"Everything started slipping after that. I saw things differently. I had always questioned the [way] things worked, and investigated to find the truth.

"But that was a point where I was … actively involved in something I was completely against."

End of article excerpt.
Full story here.