From the Front Page [2002.09.25]
David Sadler For Congress 12th CD/Illinois


Iím sorry I canít be home campaigning in person, but Iím engaged in a software project in Los Angeles. Everyone reading this knows how important having a job is and I am no different than you in this regard.


Listen up. America is in trouble. With the nationís financial woes, corporate downsizing, corporate fraud, impending war with Iraq, a perpetual war on terrorism and with rural hospitals closing and only one major coal mine still operating in Southern Illinois, can anyone really say we are a shining city on a hill?

Yesterdayís thousand points of light have become todayís ten thousand U.S. laser guided bombs falling all over the world.

I am very much pro-defense. America's military must be the most capable and most lethal force in the world. Our war technology should protect our fighting forces while being capable of defeating any foe or combination of foes. But America's military should only be used in the defense of the United States, not to police the world for the U.N. and not to act as the strong arm of wealthy and powerful global special interests to acquire and control world resources for profit.

America's foreign policy backed by our military has made the U.S. more enemies than we need. We will most probably live to regret the aggressive foreign policy our leaders have pursued over the last fifty years.

The point is, the political rhetoric of the past is a cruel farce when compared to the reality our children and we collectively are about to endure if we do not change our course quickly in a very decisive way.


The old saying is that all politics is local. This means that all politics translates into peopleís pocket books. So letís shift from war and political sound-bites to the economy and more political sound bites.

When was the last time you heard any fiscal conservative say there was any such thing as a free lunch? Now answer this. Whatís free about free trade?

Turn to the person sitting beside you and make a deal to trade something. Whatís free about that? Try really hard to make the transaction free. See the absurdity of the Orwellian double-speak term, Free Trade?

What Free Trade really means is that American trade policy has abandoned Americaís sovereign interests in maintaining a national industrial infrastructure. This anti-American globalist trade policy called Free Trade is not free and it isnít fair. It is costing us our jobs, our high standard of living and our national security.

Free Trade is deindustrializing America. Can a nation remain strong and free without an industrial infrastructure? Where would Europe and Japan be today if America had not rebuilt their industrial infrastructure after World War II? Why was the Marshall Plan such an important and noble thing for us to do then, if a national industrial base is of no importance today? Are we to believe the world no longer needs manufactured goods?

Free Trade is making your children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren less secure and more exposed to international embargo, sanction and blackmail. Is this okay with you?


Ask yourself this. Just what IS this service economy being promised us and where IS it? Forget the promises. What do you see?

If you look, you will see our industry and manufacturing leaving the country --- taking those higher paying jobs and that higher standard of living with them. You see corporate downsizing now in about its eighth year.

You see our national trade deficit setting a new record high. When was the last time the U.S. had a trade surplus? 30 years ago?

If our party consensus is that this state of the union is good then it seems like many voters these days have embraced the idea that less is more and debt is wealth. Pathetic.

My business is high-tech. My clients include Dow Chemical, Union Carbide, Corning, Eastman Kodak, Sprint and Pfizer among others. Iím here to tell you that this so-called service economy promised by the globalists pushing free trade as some sort of conservative idea and some sort of magic future for your progeny is a total fraud.

How many future programmers graduated from your local high-school last May? How many kids that you see in the mall this weekend are going to be computer professionals? How many aspire to such a career? How many have the capability to think logically enough to create complex information systems out of corporate chaos and confusion?

Do you know how to program a computer or setup a complex computer network? Do you know how to administer an Internet server cluster? How many kids in your high schoolís graduating class do you think will be capable of doing these things? Whoís going to run for the masses this pie-in-the-sky service economy that doesnít exist?

If it isn't computer jobs that make up this phantom service economy, what is it? Government jobs? If everyone is working for the government, whoís making the widgets? Is a government based service economy where everyone licenses, inspects, audits, taxes, regulates, prosecutes and incarcerates everyone else for pay? Is there prosperity and progress in that?

Free Trade and a Service Economy. Lies and Fraud. Who will pay for spreading and believing such lies? You, your neighbors and loved ones. In the end, your nation and the American way of life. We must change this insane give away of American wealth and independence while we still have the window of opportunity. If we wait much longer, America will sink into the pit of a third world economy within a generation.

If you think thatís funny, I remind you that a former editorial editor of the Southern Illinoisan, Evan Davis, laughed out loud in the mid 1980s when I told him that the Soviet Union would not be a nation by the year 2000. Evan stopped laughing in the early 1990s.

Iím sick and tired of politicians running for office and running our lives. This rotten, corrupt political system that is selling our people down the drain will fall. Our challenge is to see that we and our loved ones and the private sector that drives our economy doesnít fall with it.

We donít have to go down this dark path, but it will take all of us working together to change it. You know in your gut and in your heart that America is in need of a renaissance - a reawakening to its traditional roots and principles. Join with me to bring Southern Illinois into the battle to restore our sovereign Republic before its too late.

God bless,

David Sadler
On-site: Los Angeles, CA