From the Front Page [2002.06.25]
David Sadler For Congress 12th CD/Illinois

by David Sadler
Published 2002.06.25

If we allow these assaults upon our constitution to stand, these events (9-11 and the subsequent assault by our own government on our constitutional liberties) and others like them are the nocturnal stirrings of a nation that will eventually awake to find that the 'American Ideal' was only the dream of a people who never knew freedom.

The National Security State has become a national security threat to the free people of the United States of America and represents a clear and present danger to the US Constitution.

The growth and unaccountability of policing and intelligence agencies, bureaus, departments and organizations have put the USA well on the path to becoming a national police state.

The USA PATRIOT Act represents a sampling of issues that together demonstrate a trend towards the demise of individual freedom and with it the demise of knowledge for the people unless the people begin to protest and resist all attempts:
• to eradicate our national sovereignty;
• to dismantle our Bill of Rights;
• to destroy our constitutional separation of powers;
• to dumb us down through 'public education' and the media;
• to disarm us through gun bans, confiscation, prohibitive taxation and litigation;
• to take our property though 'legal' confiscation tactics (War On Drugs, Endangered Species Act, Wetlands regulations, prohibitive zoning and abuse of emminent domain);
• to confiscate our wealth and power through taxes;
• to silence our protests and take away our right to free speech through Orwellian thought crimes (hate laws, anti-cult laws and anti-discriminatory laws) and through culturally enforced political correctness and through efforts to close down alternative media such as talk radio through 'Fairness Doctrine' legislation and the Internet through content regulation and taxation and politically correct means of censorship such as xenophobia.

We were defeating many of these attempts at weakening our liberty and sovereignty prior to 9-11, but 9-11 provided the Hegelian opportunity to those who profit from war and national debt. The issuance of totally unconstitutional executive orders and the passage of unconstitutional laws for alleged security purposes increased dramatically after, in direct responce to, 9-11.

For years the US denied China membership in the WTO. For years the US resisted paying its UN debts until the UN reformed itself and reduced bureaucratic waste, fraud and abuse. For years the citizens of the US were able to defeat 'Know Your Customer' legislation that would turn our local bankers into federal spies who monitor and report our bank account usage profiles.

All this changed after 9-11. Within the first week, China was admitted to the WTO. The US paid off its UN debt. The US sent $90 billion to subsidize the European Union's Euro currency. And soon after, the 'Know Your Customer' legislation was pasted into the US PATRIOT Act under the FINCEN section. Now, the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network monitors all activity in each and every American's bank account and keeps a database on user account activity profiles. Your local, community banker is now a federal agent spying and reporting on your financial activities.

All of these events and policies are the opening plays of a tyrannical mindset that views the world and its resources as a Grand Chessboard and average people as the pawns to those with the wealth and power to rule. I hope the average people of the world are aware enough to know what is going on around them on this planet and freedom-oriented enough to stand up and do something about it. This is not just about freedom in the United States. This is a global struggle between liberty and tyranny.

There are many layers to this stinking onion. The partisan fights between the liberals and the conservatives is only one layer. There is much more at work than meets the eye. To win the battles, we must recognize that the partisan bickering is, in many ways, a distraction in that it fails to communicate the true scope of the problems (and participants) we face - limiting our response and our effect.

" Our legal powers are targeted at terrorists …To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve … They give ammunition to America's enemies and pause to America's friends, "
-- John Ashcroft, G.W. Bush Atty. General, 'Ashcroft Grilled on Anti-Terror Plans', Washington Post --
What Atty. General Ashcroft is really saying above is, " American's will either support this policy or shut-up - 1st Amendment notwithstanding. Those who express their opposition to this policy will be regarded as terrorist themselves or, at least, aiding and abetting the terrorists. Either way, opposition to this policy will expose Americans to government 'interference.' "

'phantoms of lost liberty'
Executive Orders, unconstitutional legislation and US/UN Globalist nation-building are not 'phantoms of lost liberty'. The Attorney General would be much more accurate to say, 'phantoms of government-provided security.'

'national unity'
There is no national unity on this issue. There is a national 'unity' facade created by the censorship and propaganda machine of the National Security State that gives the American public only one side (and a limited one at that) of the issue. It is this facade of managed conventional wisdom created by information management agencies that Ashcroft wishes to protect. It is not national unity.

National opposition to this aggressive foreign and domestic policy is quite widespread but is being suppressed in the media by Ashcroft and others. His quote above is proof of this. Anyone who disagrees with the policy, is 'aiding terrorists'. That is a serious, intimidating and unfounded charge for which Ashcroft should apologize to the American people.

The American people are paying for this war with their blood, sweat and tears. We do not intend to pay for it with our Constitution. As Janis Besler Heaphy, president and publisher of The Sacramento Bee , notes,
" We simply cannot protect freedom by forsaking freedom. "
If Ashcroft wishes to show his respect, support and defense of the American people, he should retract his incendiary and ungrateful rhetoric now.

It all boils down to principle. Some have it and some don't. Most want the job of public office (position, privilege, pork) more than the opportunity to exercise their principles. The system is geared to elect those that play by its rules. By the nature of our principles, we are a threat to the status quo. Winning, while bucking the system, is an aberration --- not impossible, but difficult.
" If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal. "
-- Emma Goldman --
David Sadler


Hegelian Dialectic: Problem, Reaction, Solution. They create the chaos and then they provide the order.

" Hegelian " is derived from the ideas of the philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

The Hegelian principle describes how governments create economic chaos; shortages of food, fuel; confiscatory taxation; crisis in education; and the threat of war, crime, and other divisions, to condition citizens to accept government solutions that impinge upon individual liberty and property. The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelic principle to bring about change in a three step process: the thesis, the antithesis, and the synthesis.

Our example of this communications/psychological device in action will be the protests against the World Trade Organisation's Ministerial Meeting in Seattle in November 1999

WTO STRATEGY TO SUPPRESS PUBLIC OPPOSITION TO ITS MEETINGS: WTO participants desire a socio-political environment that suppresses protest and dissent against the WTO globalist agenda. WTO participants desire to crush the economic independence of sovereign national states for globalist economic reasons. They need public support to meet their goals. But how can the WTO produce public support for policies that are not in the public interest, and at the same time, enlist the public's help in setting aside public liberties that might foil the globalist WTO members' plans?

(1) Step 1, THESIS: Create a problem.

The WTO wants zero opposition to its agenda, but there is opposition to the agenda. The First Amendment allows assembly and protest, but if the protests turned violent, authorities would have a legitimate pretext to suspend the right to assemble for the sake of security during the WTO Seattle meetings.

TACTIC: Make the WTO protesters seem radical and violent.

(2) Step 2, ANTITHESIS: Generate public opposition to the problem.

This has the affect of building public support for the hidden socio-political agenda of the groups staging the Hegelian incident. Public emotion is key to this being accomplished. The contrived 'problem' must generate fear, panic, hysteria, revulsion, dislike, incredulity and/or anxiety on the part of the public. A controlled and compliant mass media is essential to this step.

Step 2 - Phase 1: Suppress the local Seattle media’s reports if they uncover the Hegelian scam. Local Seattle TV news reports show that the violent protesters were not arrested for their violence. Neither were they hindered in any way by the police from conducting their day of property destruction and terror. Instead, the local media reported the housing of these agent provocateurs by the city of Seattle AFTER these black clothed 'protesters' had trashed a few blocks in the city and terrorized the community and peaceful demonstrators.

Step 2 - Phase 2: The controlled and compliant mass media broadcast world-wide the violent acts of the agent provocateurs and blamed these contrived acts upon the legitimate demonstrators who were peacefully exercising their First Amendment right to assemble and protest government policies. In the viewing-public's mind, those who were protesting the WTO and its agenda were violent radicals deserving of harsh treatment by the police and undeserving of the right to assemble and engage in political protest. From Day One, WTO protesters were labeled as radicals.

(3) Step 3, SYNTHESIS: The Hegelian manipulators offer the solution to the problem created in step one, thereby implementing the socio-political changes desired from the beginning!

In our example, two of the three steps are now in place to silence protests and dissent against WTO meetings.

TACTIC: Provide the solution to the ‘violent’ WTO dissenters by setting aside the US Constitution's First Amendment of assembly and free speech.

Protest becomes illegal during the WTO meeting. This allows the WTO to go about their dirty business unopposed.

As the local TV reports show, scores of peaceful dissenters were rounded up on Day Two and taken to the Sand Point FEMA facility to wait out the WTO meetings. Protesters were not allowed within blocks of the WTO meeting place for the duration of the meeting. Meanwhile, the violent agent provocateurs, used to create the crisis, left Seattle once their job was accomplished. They were housed by the city of Seattle and left town unrestrained by law enforcement. This solution is now a policy enforced by the host countries to WTO meetings. Brutal and lethal force is used to suppress anti-WTO dissent.

" The more he had time to think the more he recognised the tremendous opportunity the Reichstag fire offered him. The fire offered visible proof of the danger that could help terrify the middle class voters. The fire would weaken any resistance the army officers and aristocrats might have to granting him full power.

" He proposed an emergency decree calling for the suspension of all civil liberties…. The Weimar (democratic) constitution was to be wiped out in one blow. "
-- P37 "Hitler and his Secret Partners" by James Pool --

" The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. "
-- Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf) --