Thanks to my wife, Allison, my daughter, Stephanie, and my son, Adam
for their support in this battle to do the right thing.

Thank you for supporting
our common cause for a
free and prosperous America.
David Sadler For Congress
12th CD/Illinois
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America must act differently to avoid the destiny of history.

Thanks to those who voted for our common cause on November 5, 2002.
We tried, we failed. Success is built upon failure.
We will not give up fighting for a free and prosperous America.

To those who voted to maintain the status quo...

Our prosperity and liberty will not survive:
the continued deindustrialization of America through Free Trade,
allowing lawmakers to give away the national treasury in return for votes
a national energy policy that makes America dependent upon foreign energy sources
an open borders policy that does not control illegal immigration
a political system that reelects 98% - 99% of incumbents regardless of performance
a government and people willing to set aside our constitution for political expedience and phantoms of government provided security
an increasingly uninformed public, dumbed down by a superficial media and a failing public education monopoly

History teaches that all empires fall --- America must act differently to avoid the destiny of history.

The problem is not in Washington or Springfield.
The problem is with the people who today reelected the politicians that have led our nation to its current state of deterioration.

Whatever the reasons or motivations, they are wrong.
Before these voters complain about taxes, social security collapse, high prescription drug prices and a collapsing job market,
they should think about who they just voted for and how long that person has held that office.
They should ask themselves, why they voted for them again
considering the predicament our nation and economy is in?

To turn our country around, people must turn around.
People must act differently.
That is the challenge before our people.
Washington and Springfield can't do a thing about that.

Please bear with us as we reconfigure the website.
Check back often as we continue to speak out in support of
American values and the challenges facing our nation and people.
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