David Sadler For Congress (2002) 12th CD/Illinois
Preserving sovereign nations and individual national/cultural identities. Preserving individual liberty and promoting government and social structures that maximize individual prosperity. Destroying (legally, morally, ethically) artificial or man-made structures that violate individual liberty and prosperity.

If we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and if the truth will set us free, it is incumbent upon us, not only to make the effort and have the courage to seek out and learn the truth of all things, but to actively oppose those who would deny us the truth. Education must be removed from the control of the state and be taken back by the parents and students via school choice. The Internet must remain uncensored and unregulated as the People's Network. The power of the Internet to the common man in all nations is historic and staggering. It must be protected at all costs.

We must win the on-going quiet wars and end the others. We must resist the manipulation into war by groups, government and media. Going to war over one ship sinking, one assassination or a series of cartoons is now known to be incitement to war using a fabricated pretext to move a people to war. We are now smarter than that thanks to the information available to us via the Internet and thanks to our ability to communicate with people the world over via the Internet.

We must develop New Energy (clean, renewable, safe, self-generated, stand-alone) and rid ourselves of the centralized energy distribution model that requires utilities to supply us with power.

Oil, gas and coal are not the problem. The problem is the centralized distribution model that creates monopolies, limits control and creates unnecessary bottlenecks and points of failure in the security of our energy delivery system.

We need appliances that will produce energy from the vacuum. If they exist, we need to force them out of the black projects into commercial use. If they don't exist, we need a massive effort to create them. Once created, they should be patent free. They should belong to the public domain just as a wheel is patent free.

Any voter in a democracy that can not verify that their votes have been added correctly to the public table of votes does not live in a democracy. We must secure our elections by making them auditable by the voters who cast the votes.

Information / energy / verifiable votes / sovereign nations / individual liberty and prosperity

Let's roll!

David Sadler