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Why Does The United States Government Ignore The Suffering In The Sudan?
By Chuck Baldwin
Chuck Baldwin's July 25 Food for Thought from the Chuck Wagon
July 25, 2003

Let me say up front that I believe we have no business sending U.S. troops all over the world for so-called peacekeeping efforts. Such activity almost always amounts to nation building, nothing more. It sacrifices American lives on the altar of political and commercial appeasement. It is morally and historically wrong. Unfortunately, this has been the policy of practically every administration, regardless of party, since World War II.

That President Bush is leaving American servicemen in Iraq to be killed one or two at a time is shameless and heartless, to say the least. Building a new Iraq is not the job of the U.S. military. If politicians, diplomats, and CEO's want to seize oil wells and develop a commercial Iraq, let them move over there and put their own fannies in the fire!

However, the Bush administration is not content to let our troops remain targets in Iraq; now it wants to send additional troops to Liberia. Once again, the purpose appears to be nothing more than nation building. Or is it?

The question begs to be asked: what is the commercial attraction of Liberia? Is it diamonds? Is it precious metals? What do the global elite find appealing in Liberia? One thing is sure: the U.S. doesn't send troops to any country for strictly humanitarian reasons! Why do I say that? Just look at The Sudan.

There is no country on earth that has witnessed more abuses and atrocities than has The Sudan. Over the past two decades, the Muslim government in Khartoum has murdered over two million people. Most of the dead are women and children. The reason they were killed? They were Christians.

Furthermore, slavery is very much alive and well in The Sudan. Children are sold into slavery by the thousands. Women are bought and sold as sex slaves in equal numbers.

Beyond that, death in The Sudan is extremely tortuous and heinous. Children are forced to watch as their mothers are raped and disemboweled and their fathers are crucified. The cruelty committed by The Sudan's government soldiers against innocent people is incomprehensible to those of us in America.

Yet, the Bush administration has shown absolutely no interest in sending U.S. troops to help stop the carnage in The Sudan. Why? The Khartoum government makes Saddam Hussein look like a choir boy. If deposing a murderous regime is justification for invading a foreign country, certainly The Sudan qualifies.

Beyond that, The Sudan is rich in oil, almost as rich as Iraq. So, why do the oil giants who control America's politicians not clamor for a "just war" against The Sudan?

The reason is simple: major U.S. oil companies are already operating in The Sudan, and they are protected by Communist Chinese troops. That's right. U.S. oil companies in concert with Communist China control the oil fields of The Sudan.

Therefore, with the blessing and protection of China, the Khartoum government wages an unrestricted and unchallenged war of genocide against the Christians of southern Sudan. And all the while, the U.S. government looks the other way.

The moral high tones used by the Bush administration for justifying an unconstitutional war in Iraq and soon in Liberia becomes nothing more than dull cacophony when one takes a look at its policy, or lack of one, toward The Sudan.

Chuck Baldwin


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