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George Tenet, former CIA Director
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CIA Tenet... Limit access to World Wide Web

"I know that these actions will be controversial in this age when we still think the Internet is a free and open society with no control or accountability, but ultimately the Wild West must give way to governance and control ... Access to networks like the World Wide Web might need to be limited to those who can show they take security seriously."
Tim Berners-Lee, Internet inventor, BBC image
Tim Berners-Lee, Internet inventor
Photo: BBC
[The web should remain neutral and resist attempts to fragment it into different services ... Recent attempts in the US to try to charge for different levels of online access web were not] part of the internet model ... [if the US decided to go ahead with a two-tier internet, the network will enter] a dark period."
-- web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, BBC News,
Web inventor warns of 'dark' net --

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Watch the video on YouTube, Save The Internet!

Internet Freedom Under US Government Attack
by David Sadler
Published 2006.04.27

UPDATE: 2006.06.09: House Rejects Net Neutrality
"... the House voted 321 to 101 for the disingenuously-named Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE). That bill ... does not include ... network-neutrality protections ... [We are very close to] an 'information superhighway' for sites that pay fees for preferential treatment and a dirt road for sites that cannot pay the toll." The Senate takes up the issue. Net-neutrality MUST be codified, or the Internet will undergo HEAVY economic censorship.

The battle is here for the freedom of the Internet as the People's global network. The freedom is about to be snuffed out with a silent weapon in a quiet war to deny the People the ability to communicate, research and share uncensored, unfiltered political opinion. The weapon is the cost of posting your research, your opinion on the Internet. The dollars/euros/yen it will soon take for you to post, to email, to publish is the defense you don't have. You'll be outgunned by the corporations, special interests and governments who now control TV, cable, major newspapers and news magazines. The legislation to do this is working its way through the US Congress right now. If we defeat this one, there will be another one, and another one after that, as long as we do not elect congresspersons dedicated to a free, unregulated and untaxed Internet. Educate yourself on this issue now. Take action right now. You have been warned.

These organizations are fighting to keep the Internet free.
Save The Internet
Free Press: send a message through their website.
Common Cause: send a message through their website.
Center for Digital Democracy: has collected more sites and action items.

DoD Information Operation Roadmap (declassified / pdf)
Information Operation Roadmap Part 1: Full Spectrum Information Warfare
Information Operation Roadmap Part 2: Maximum Control of the Entire Electro-Magnetic Spectrum
Information Operation Roadmap Part 3: "We Must Fight the Net"
Information Operation Roadmap Part 4: Information Warfare Using Aggressive Psychological Operations
Information Operation Roadmap Part 5: Information Warfare Without Limits

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David Sadler ran for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois in 2002 as a Republican. He advocates debates commence immediately between neo-conservatives and traditional conservatives. He maintains the neocons have hijacked the GOP, but that the neocons do not speak for traditional, liberty-minded conservatives. Energy independence through a Manhattan class national effort to develop New Energy sources is a corner stone of his plan to diminish the threat of terrorism against Americans and reform American imperialist foreign policies."


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