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Ron Paul, Before You Run for President In 2012
by David Sadler
Published 2011.04.24

Taken as a whole, you, Ron Paul, have the best ideas and most cohesive constitutional, personal liberty and prosperity principles of anyone on the American political stage today.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, you remained consistent and did not compromise your principles even under the most heated and aggressive questioning and criticism. To your credit, the few questions posed to you during the debates were handled well as the post-debate polls demonstrated. However, you were effectively shut out of the presidential debates - even those you attended. You allowed the debate moderators to ignore your presence on the panels.

The moderators pretended you were not there and/or that you didn't matter. The moderators addressed their questions to the mainstream establishment's coronated "front runners" even though you were winning the polls and setting GOP fund raising records. From you, there was no, "Mr. Green, I paid for this microphone," moment that won Ronald Reagan so much attention and acclaim for standing up to the arrogant moderators.

We know you are a scholar and a gentleman. The question is, are you a fighter of the caliber that will be required to put policies and principles into practice in the face of unparalleled and deadly opposition.

For you to have a chance at winning the GOP nomination this time around, you must develop a strategy and then convince your supporters, me being one, that you will implement the strategy to defeat the mainstream media's attempts to eliminate you from the polls and debates. You must also declare very clearly how you will handle debate moderators who attempt to ignore you once you are sitting right there on the debate panel.

Finally, it became very worrisome to hear you say time and time again that you were running only because your supporters wanted you to run. I personally began to question your commitment and ability to perform the tasks required by your policy positions should you have won the election.

Ron Paul, you should not declare your intent to run if you don't want to become President of the United States of America to make the changes you say you will make. You will be required to take on the most powerful forces the world has ever known and wrest control from them in order to give it back to the People. The Establishment won't like that and will fight it with deadly and brutal force.

If you do decide to announce, you must clearly state in your declaration to run that you want to be President so you can make the changes America needs to survive, remain free and prosper. You must clearly declare that you are ready, able and willing to take the fight to the Establishment and change the status quo in the face of not only threats to you and your family personally, but also to the nation and its economy and its defense.

The Establishment will threaten you and yours with death and ruin. They will also threaten that if you attempt to change the status quo that they will crash the economy and bring war and destruction to American soil under the guise of false flags. You will need to have both the plans in place and the people in place to implement the plans to preserve crime (war) scenes for objective forensic investigation and to prosecute (hold accountable) those who obstruct investigations and who participate in planning, executing and/or enabling these attacks. These attacks will come to prevent control being removed from the status quo. This is how they roll. Be ready.

So in your final few days of decision making as to whether or not to run, you must ask yourself if you are ready to fight the FED and international banking cartel, the military industrial-intelligence-law enforcement-NGO-academic-media complex and the pharmaceutical-GM foods-GMO giants by rolling back the treaties, policies, laws, rules, regulations and unspoken understandings that empower them.

If you want to live the remaining decades of your life in comfort, don't run. If you want to change the world and put America back on track to achieving the vision of its Founding Fathers then make it crystal clear in your announcement to run for President that you are ready to take on the Establishment, the New World Order and the mainstream media who will be your first and foremost obstacles to instituting the change you and your supporters want.

If you come out swinging, showing us you are in the fight to win, we will support you. If, on the other hand, you come out sounding like a physician discussing medical options with a distraught female patient, then we will save our money and time to fight another day.

If you are ready, we are ready. If you would prefer a quiet retirement and watch America collapse and the world devolve, then enjoy your congressional pension while it still exists.

David Sadler


1) David Sadler ran as an alternative delegate committed to Ron Paul during the 2008 Presidential campaign