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David Sadler For Congress (2002) 12th CD/Illinois

Living in the Twilight Zone
Something really freaky is happening
by David Sadler
Published August 22, 2003

The Episcopal Church is ordaining Homosexual Bishops.
The Catholic Church has a decades-old written policy that institutionalizes sexual abuse of the church congregation, including children, by church officials.
The Jewish 'victimhood' organizations (Anti-Defamation League, Simon Wiesenthal Center) are doing their best to censor Mel Gibson's New Testament based movie of Christ's crucifixion, THE PASSION.

The Christian Church is silent on this attack upon the Word they claim to hold as immutable.
The lip service God and the Word receive from America's churches is revolting.
America's churches are meeting places for cowards.
They are unwilling to defend God's Word in a movie about Christ.
They are unwilling to defend God's Word in the courthouse.
Frankly, I don't think Christians believe the Bible anymore.
If they do, they don't act like it.

This is the new age and the New World Order.
Americans idolize a piece of cloth.
They wipe their feet on the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and national sovereignty.
Americans today embrace everything our founders detested about government and the Crown.

At the beginning of the 21st century, America is an empire.
No nation on the face of the planet has ever been more entangled in the foreign affairs of other nations.
We take what we want, and kill to get it.
Our leaders have adopted assassination and the killing of innocents as daily routine.
Assassination is justified as 'regime change.'
Killing innocents is justified as 'collateral damage.'

If the system doesn't like you, they call you a 'terrorist.'
This justifies turning the US military and law enforcement agencies loose on anyone.
It makes no difference if you are a US citizen.
The US Constitution has been set aside in the name of the Wars on Terror and Drugs.

Most disturbing of all, is the attitude of the American people.
They watch the U.S. wars of aggression as though its entertainment.
Many were looking forward to the 'Shock and Awe.'
They were truly disappointed when it looked like a rerun of Gulf War I.

They were also very anxious for the Feds to take out the Branch Davidian men, women and children in Waco, Texas back in 1993.
The Davidians had the unmitigated gall to own guns and study the Bible.
According to Janet Reno, anyone who does that is a cult.
America's churches sat back and watched on TV while the government surrounded, assaulted and eventually killed the Davidians who weren't threatening anyone.
Much like what just happened in Iraq.

Fast forward, ten years later...
In Alabama, the Feds are removing the Ten Commandments from a courthouse.
Has your preacher or priest mentioned any of this? I doubt it.

I just had a conversation with an American soldier in Kuwait who cherishes 'liberty.'
He thinks defending the national borders of the United States is somehow an act of tyranny.
He wants to get rid of the INS and our border patrol to allow unrestricted access into the country.
He thinks anyone from anywhere at anytime should be able to just walk, swim, drive or fly on in.
He also thinks that the deindustrialization of the US through Free Trade will somehow enhance his liberty.

He calls this philosophy libertarianism.
This is one of the major problems of libertarianism.
The philosophy sees sovereign nation states as treading upon liberty.
That view makes many of them advocates of One World Government.

I'll stick with a sovereign America and the US Constitution.
Unfortunately, we're losing both.
That's the battle we liberty-minded conservatives face.
It's hard protecting a sovereign, free and prosperous America against the New World Order, One World Government, Nazis, Communists, and, now, libertarians.

People are complaining around town today because of the rise in gas prices.
Only a couple have any real idea as to why they are rising.
The rest don't know, and I would guess, don't care.

Note to Ashcroft: 95% of the American people will never miss their liberty. Go ahead and drop the other shoe.
Note to Rumsfeld: Americans are ready to die in mass for Haliburton and the Carlyle Group. Go ahead. Resurrect the draft and make ready to liberate the people of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
Note to Bush: Use the word terrorist and evil-doers more often. The people are buying it and can't get enough of it.
Note to Civilian Disarmament Teams: Americans are ready to be disarmed. You'll meet very little resistance.
Note to FEMA: Get the cots ready.
Note to Franklin: The republic you fought for is gone.

David Sadler, 2003.08.22
© David Sadler, all rights reserved

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