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July 17-25, 2003
David Sadler For Congress (2002 archive)
12th CD/Illinois

  'Arkancide or 'Texacide?'
You're nominated to lead the US Navy, so what do you do? Kill yourself, of course, just like one of the UK's leading scientists, David Kelly.
• 2003.07.25 • Navy secretary nominee committed suicide
  Out 'Clintoning' Clinton
Everytime Clinton got caught raping the constitution and misusing the instruments of government, his excuse was 'bureaucratic blunder' or 'technical snafu.' Remember? I never liked it then, and I don't like it now.
" How could so many errors have occurred? Some say it was incompetence, while others claim outright deception and lies. Some say it was selective use of intelligence to promote a particular policy already decided upon. This debate, I am sure, will rage on for a long time, and since motivations are subjective and hard to prove, resolving the controversy will be difficult. -- Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) "
Do you think that excuse will work for you the next time the government charges you with some minor incident, like making a mistake on your tax returns or driving without a license?
• 2003.07.25 • Phony Justifications for War by Ron Paul (R-TX)
  Assassinations and mass killings by the USA
John F. Kennedy Qsai Hussein Odai Hussein
Why didn't we capture and interrogate Hussein's sons rather than killing them? We had them surrounded with overwhelming force. Does anyone think they are worth more dead than alive?
" In the operation against the Hussein brothers, the US military mobilized hundreds of troops and dozens of vehicles and aircraft. The American forces used automatic weapons, rockets, rocket-propelled grenades and tow missiles against four individuals armed with AK-47 automatic rifles. "

" The three in the front were killed by TOW [anti-tank] missiles. The fourth at the back was the last, and yes it looks like it could have been the boy. "
The oldest son is accused of rape and other sick and disgusting behavior, but is that really the point? Isn't President Bill Clinton accused of rape? Have conservatives forgotten about the Clinton Body-Count?

Have conservatives forgotten about the Arkansas Mafia? [1]  [2] Does anyone really think that justifies assassinating Clinton?

Perhaps they should consider the growing Bush Body-Count.

Why are we so quick to kill valuable assets such as the Hussein brothers who undoubtedly had vital information we could have used to capture Saddam and find the missing WMD IF it still exists? I look at these pictures and I'm reminded of the JFK autopsy photos.
• 2003.07.25 •
    A Nation of Assassins
    Photos of Saddam sons released
    The Assault
    Reuters Sees Touched Up Bodies of Saddam Sons
  Oil Wars
• 2003.07.24 • Sudan vs Liberia
  Art in the fields
Say what you want about crop circles or glyphs, but many are beautiful and extraordinary works of art. I'll not engage in the debate as to Who/What and Why, however, it is disturbing that farmers' crops are being destroyed. This makes it a crime, and those responsible should be dealt with accordingly, if they can be caught!
• 2003.07.24 • Art in the fields

© 2003 by Richard Harvey and Summer Garland
Aerial photograph © 2003 by Richard Harvey and Summer Garland
Hackpen Hill, near Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire, England
  Oil Wars, energy policy, 'global primacy'
• 2003.07.22 • obx: Oil Wars: Part 2
  US Airspace Security & Energy Policy
• 2003.07.19 • If the disc is ours by David Sadler
  US Airspace Security
• History • 'Battle Of Los Angeles' February 26, 1942
From LA Times negative. LA Times headline...
Army Says Alarm Real:
Roaring Guns Mark Blackout
" The aircraft which caused the blackout in the Los Angeles area for several hours this a.m. have not been identified. "
-- Army's Western Defense Command Southern California sector office in Pasadena

• '42 Battle Of LA'
• 'Battle of LA' Photo Comparison
• Preliminary Photo analysis
• Battle Of LA UFO: Stunning New Photo Enhancements
• BOOK: The Battle of Los Angeles, 1942: The Mystery Air Raid by Terrenz Sword
From Original LA Times Negative
  Dead Scientists...
• 2003.07.19 • Dead Microbiologist Was Chief At Porton Down
Dr. David Kelly
Porton Down figures heavily into the 9-11 anthrax.
Add to this, that Kelly blew the whistle on the UK/Iraq WMD hype,
and you have a dead scientist.
Google search for 'porton down anthrax'
• 2003.07.19 • Sump This // General Aviation Safety Issues
All we need now is a single world currency and a law mandating its use with say an implanted chip, and, well, don't we have the mark?
" If the euro can replace the franc, mark and lira, why can’t a new world currency merge the dollar, euro and yen (dey)? ... World money, with a world central bank, seems a next logical step. " -- Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize-winning economist at the 10th Santa Colomba Conference examining the question: 'Does the Global Economy Need a Global Currency?', Toward a World Central Bank --
• 2003.07.18 • Toward a World Central Bank
Our government screws with our minds every day. The US Government denies and debunks UFO reports at the same time that it concocts fake UFO reports to divert the public's attention from breaking news. In the story below, the CIA-cover on a coup has been blown. What does it do? It advocates making up a UFO or sextuplet story to divert the news coverage.
" White Paper [issued by the Guatemalan government] has effectively exposed certain aspects of PBSUCCESS . . . If possible, fabricate big human interest story, like flying saucers, birth sextuplets in remote area to take play away. " -- From previously classified State Department documents exposing the CIA role in the June 1954 Guatemala coup that ousted the president, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmαn.
• 2003.07.18 • The C.I.A.'s Cover Has Been Blown? Just Make Up Something About U.F.O.'s
  It's about O-I-L
I want you to listen to me. It's not about the oil!
iraqOil.jpg - 17864 Bytes
• 2003.07.18 • CHENEY ENERGY TASK FORCE mapped Iraqi Oil Fields
(press release - litigation)
    See the maps here.
Do you really want to let your family members fly?
xray.jpg - 4197 Bytes
• 2003.07.18 • New Airport X-Ray Too Revealing?
Chipping the human population is a bad idea.
See comments I made during my campaign.
Verichip_tn.jpg - 9492 Bytes
• 2003.07.18 • Get Chipped
    New Chip Can Be Implanted in Humans
    Subdermal GPS Personal Location Device Announced
It's a good sign that the military is having difficulty finding enough willing cannon fodder to rotate the troops out of Iraq. It means that the word is getting out. DU (depleted uranium) will kill you. The military and administration are lying to vets and the American people. Those soldiers speaking up are being punished. A top scientist in the UK who spoke up has been murdered. Read below. The neocons are conning you to spill your blood, poison your system, kill without remorse only to be demonized for years afterwards. My advice --- " Don't join the service! " The bad news is, the neocons have more wars and more occupation planned. So get ready for these people to resurrect the DRAFT!
" It was the end of the world. It went all the way up to President Bush and back down again on top of us. At least six of us here will lose our careers. "
• 2003.07.18 • U.S. struggling to find replacement troops
• 2003.07.18 • Pentagon retaliates against GIs who spoke out on TV
" A British scientist was found dead in the woods on Friday after being unwittingly dragged into a fierce political dispute about intelligence used to justify war on Iraq. [David Kelly had reluctantly] admitted to parliament's foreign affairs committee he had met Gilligan, but denied telling him that Blair's communications chief Alastair Campbell had ordered intelligence to be hyped. " -- WMD scientist's death...

" Top Microbiologists Victims of Mysterious Deaths. In just the last five months, eleven of the world's top microbiologists have died under mysterious circumstances. " -- deaths under the microscope
• 2003.07.18 • Dead Scientists (a growing problem)
    UK-WMD scientist's death rocks British government
    Scientists' deaths are under the microscope
    Harvard University biochemist Don Wiley [1]  [2]
    Coroner left tied to bomb
" Under the guise of 'liberation' the transformation of Iraq will witness the emergence a new tyrant in Baghdad, awarding oil concessions to US corporations and supported by a protracted US military occupation ... In Washington and across the TV screens of America the Bush Administration will celebrate a righteous victory by proclaiming that the world has been purified. " -- From Tokyo to Baghdad, written December 12, 2002.
• 2003.07.17 • From Tokyo to Baghdad: The Rehabilitation of Enemy States // Louis Farshee
" When American soldiers are sick and the Iraqis are sick there's nothing that says an Australian soldier is going to be isolated when he goes through those areas and he is not going to become ill. " -- Dr. Douglas Rokke reporting that Australian servicemen and women who served in the recent Iraq war (2003) were reporting symptoms of uranium sickness [from U.S. depleted uranium munitions]. Dr Rokke is a former US Army nuclear health physicist and was formerly the Pentagon's expert on the health effects of depleted uranium ammunition. -- Aussie troops ...

" U.S. soldiers deployed around Baghdad airport started showing symptoms of mysterious fever, itching, scars and dark brown spots on the skin, the source, who refused to be named, said in statements published Thursday, July 17, by the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper. " -- Mysterious Diseases...

" ...the British Observer quoted military sources as affirming that depleted uranium shells and bombs used by U.S. and British troops during Iraq invasion were five times more than the number used during 1991 Gulf war. The Pentagon had admitted shelling Iraq with about 350 tons of depleted uranium in 1991, aggravating cancerous tumors cases among Iraqis. " -- Mysterious Diseases...

" I know the doctor over in Germany said he got into some type of toxin ... Several soldiers were in similar conditions while we were there. "
-- Mark Neusche, Illness kills Missouri Soldier...
• 2003.07.17 • Gulf War II Syndrome
    Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq
    Mystery illness kills Missouri soldier
    Aussie troops suffer uranium sickness
" Today, the military-industrial complex has expanded to become the military-industrial-media complex... Thanks to lax enforcement of antitrust regulations and far less restrictive telecommunications laws, a mere handful of corporations, many with close ties to the national-security establishment, now controls most of what Americans know about the world. The 'adversarial relationship' between government agencies and the elite news media is a myth sustained by both parties for their mutual benefits."
-- Terry Hansen, 'The Missing Times' --
• 2003.07.17 • Liars all. Things are really bad when we start believing the CIA, but that's where we are...or are we? Wolfowitz is in the Pentagon!
    CIA Tenet Says White House Official Wanted Iraq Claim
    Wolfowitz Committee Instructed White House To Use Iraq/Uranium Ref In Pres Speech
    Cheney under pressure to quit over false war evidence
• 2003.07.17 • US May Call National Guard for Iraq Duty