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September 2007

Ron Paul for President

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September 30, 2007
Over $1,000,000 raised in seven days
for the
Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign!

These 3rd Quarter Campaign Contributions Will Make News For Ron Paul
& propel the campaign forward towards the early primary states.

• Read Ron's message below regarding the importance of 3rd Quarter amounts!
Message from Ron Paul: Let's Do It! (9/27/07)

• Read the 'Thank You!' letter for reaching the goal! (9/30/07)

• Ron Paul $1,000,000.00 fund raiser chart
"We did it! Oh wait, it must have been the same couple Paulites re-donating by the second, right? What excuses will we hear this time?"
-- Mandrik --

"[I] guess we 'spammed' with our money."
-- Valentine --
We'll await the official FEC (Federal Election Commission) report due out shortly. In the meantime, let's begin working on the 4th Quarter contributions that will take us to the very doorstep of the first primary races. We'll need TV, radio, direct mail, signs, fliers. We'll need to shuttle Ron Paul and his crew around these United States, and that's expensive.

• So please ...
Make your first 4th Quarter contribution now!

We'll also need volunteers to walk their neighborhoods informing neighbors of Ron Paul's candidacy. We'll need poll watchers and election judges to oversee a fair and accurate count of the vote. Please do what you can.

• Go here to plug in as a volunteer to the Ron Paul for President Campaign!

October 2, 2007
"Last week, Rush Limbaugh labeled any American soldier who supports an end to the war in Iraq as "phony."1 We challenged Limbaugh through an email campaign to invite's Jon Soltz to his show and repeat these same insults to an Iraq war veteran's face. Over 10,000 of you responded and emailed Rush -- but to our disappointment, he has refused to respond to our request."
-- General Wesley Clark --

Click to listen to this audio clip from the Limbaugh show.

Click Here To Take Rush Off Armed Forces Radio!

"Maybe Rush Limbaugh hasn't heard, but there's a new sheriff in town - America's troops and veterans, who are not going to sit idle while he and his ilk demean the service of those who oppose the President's failed policy in Iraq. Today, we're unveiling a new television and radio ad, taking Rush head on, for his contention that we're 'phony soldiers.'"
-- Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran, Chairman, --

Rush Limbaugh, I am no 'phoney soldier.'
Stop telling lies about my service.

"Mr. President, you did not listen."
Major General John Batiste, USMC

September 30, 2007
Senator Mark Dayton damning analysis of the 9-11 commission's report
YouTube video
Good government is open, accessible, responsive and accountable. Senator Dayton lays out in detail why the Bush government failed on every aspect of those good-government attributes during 9-11.

Mr. Bush, hold our government officials accountable for their failures to defend and protect the people of the United States and to tell the truth afterwards.
September 29, 2007
Ron Paul Wins NJ Republican Straw Poll in a 72% Landslide
Read about it here.
September 29, 2007
200 to 1 down to 15 to 1 down to 8 to 1 - beats Hillary - NOW ...
Ron Paul's Las Vegas Odds Now 4 to 1!
No End In Sight
Click to view trailer.
Take a neocon and proponent of war with Iran to see this movie.
John Kerry's Police State America
Who are these two men?  Watch as they appear to direct the arrest of the young man asking a very pertinent series of questions.
Who are these two men?
Watch as they appear to direct the arrest of a 21-year old journalism student, Andrew Meyer,
asking US Senator John Kerry a very pertinent series of questions.

andrewMeyerDown_1.jpg - 15376 Bytes

As this violent civil rights crime is being committed, Kerry dones in an hypnotic fashion from the stage ...

"I think if everyone would just calm down, this situation would resolve itself ...
Unfortunately he's not available to come up here and swear me in as President."
-- Senator John Kerry (Democrat) making jokes as the 21 year old University of Florida student, Andrew Meyer, is being tasered by police for asking Kerry a series of very important but evidently politically incorrect questions --

Express your concerns about this police state behavior in America.
University of Florida Police Department: (352) 329-1111
University of Florida main switchboard: (352) 392-3261

John Kerry Office Information:

John Kerry email

Washington D.C.
304 Russell Bldg.
Third Floor
Washington D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2742 - Phone
(202) 224-8525 - Fax

One Bowdoin Square
Tenth Floor
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 565-8519 - Phone
(617) 248-3870 - Fax

People forget that in America, peaceful protestors and tough questions are not allowed at VIP events whether they be Presidents, Presidential candidates, US Senators or meetings of the WTO, IMF, G7 or North American Union. Watch how the Democrat US Senator John Kerry treats an audience member who asks tough questions in a polite and non-violent way. Also note how those in uniform just follow orders in lock step to squelch free speech in America. Finally, note how the audience just sits there except for one courageous woman who understands the significance of what she is witnessing.
• UF Student [Andrew Meyer] tasered at John Kerry Speech (his full questions) / What is the matter with these questions or the matter in which he, a young, concerned and passionate American asks them? Nothing! So why is he handcuffed, tasered, arrested and removed from the auditorium? Why DID John Kerry concede so quickly his bid for the Presidency on the night of the election returns? Everyone was surprised that Kerry gave NO indication of questioning the many instances of vote irregularities that could have given him the election? Why does anyone still listen to Kerry?
• Full question (better quality and different angle and better view of the uncalled for tasing)
• University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum / The last portion of the question but a better video of the arrest.
• Report: UF reaction to taseing
• Opinion: Dear John Kerry...
• Opinion: Half Face
• Opinion: Bandana
• Opinion: This coed gets it
• Opinion: Wake up
• Opinion: U of F student gets tasered for having guts and a voice!
• Opinion: Why people are making videos about this incident
• Opinion: A grim reality has dawned upon me
• Opinion: This was an example of a police state
• Opinion: Our world, welcome to it
• Opinion: I'm stunned. This sh*t can't go on.
• Bush and Kerry in Skull and Bones / skull bones bush secrets / Skull and bones, and their new world order plans
Hannity's PD Tries Arresting Me Over A Question
"Last night [2007.11.10] at Book Revue in Huntington, Sean Hannity's program director Phil Boyce (he of Promise Keepers, the wives submit or get hit group of the early 1990s) tried to have me arrested because he didn't like the question he thought I was going to ask Sean Hannity. Boyce called the cops on his cell phone, two policemen showed up, asked me to come with them, and a couple of hundred of Hannity sycophants cheered, clapped, and a few shouted arrest him as I walked toward the bookstore exit at the direction of the police officers. Full details will follow after the flip but the key points to remember are that no personnel of the book store ever asked me to leave while in the store, I behaved superbly and remained calm and cool at all times, and of course I committed no crimes."

-- dave from queens, Hannity's PD Tries Arresting Me Over A Question --

ACTION (POLLS - National)
National Republican Senatorial Committee Poll
Please vote for Ron Paul in this NATIONAL GOP poll!
The NRSC RESET their poll saying the Presidential field has changed.
Ron Paul placed a strong second place in the first poll.
Let's win this one.

Note that in true fashion for the Neo-GOP, this poll has no running total to allow the voter to verify their vote was counted as cast. This is a black-box poll, meaning we must trust the NRSC to count and report the votes as they were actually cast. Ron Paul came in a strong second in the first NRSC poll by a significant margin, but it featured a running total. Let's see how the NRSC reports this one.
September 8, 2007
Ron Paul to Make Major Foreign Policy Address
Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze
School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
in Washington, D.C.,
has invited Ron Paul
to make a keynote policy address on September 11
September 7, 2007
A Message from Ron Paul
Help Ron Paul wage a national campaign
by making a generous donation to his campaign now.
Here's the concluding paragraph to
Ron's post New Hampshire debate message.
"The media, and everyone else, will be looking at fundraising totals at the end of this month. They'll judge us by how we do. And we need help to wage what we hope will be a full-scale, 50-state campaign. Please help me head into the next quarter fully armed to do battle for freedom, peace and prosperity. Make your most generous contribution This Revolution is on the move, but it very much needs your support."

Full message here

September 7, 2007
Two Great Post FOX News New Hampshire Debate Articles
• "A Busy Week for the Front-Runner, Ron Paul" by Rick Fisk
• "Antiwar Republican sets the terms of GOP debate" by Justin Raimondo
September 6, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Ron Paul WINS FOX NEWS DEBATE POLL!
fox_debate_20070905final.jpg - 30942 Bytes
Source: FOX News Hannity & Colmes rush transcript

Fox News has reluctantly declared Ron Paul as the winner
of the September 5, 2007
Fox News Republican Presidential debate!
The margin of victory is excellent!
Thank you for voting for Ron Paul.

Please go to the official Ron Paul website and donate money to the campaign.

Be ready to assist passing signature petitions to get Ron Paul on the primary ballot in your state.

Be ready to go door to door in your community
to acquaint your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues with Ron Paul.

Encourage and help everyone to register as a Republican so
they can vote in the Republican Primary.
Then, organize a block by block transportation plan
to get everyone to the polls to vote on primary election day.

We can win this thing and turn around America's
disasterous foreign and domestic policies so we can

Videos of Ron Paul's debate answers and interviews after the debate
• Video of Ron Paul's debate answers.
• More videos here
September 5, 2007
Ron Paul WINS Maryland's GOP Straw Poll
Source: Maryland Republican Party
ANNAPOLIS— After eleven days of presidential straw poll ballots cast at the Maryland Republican Party’s State Fair booth, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) was announced last night as the winner.

September 5, 2007
Proof: Fox News Censors Ron Paul
Source: USA Election Polls
The biggest culprit of fairness is Fox News. They refer to the top 3 candidates almost 5 times more than they refer to any of the other candidates. Mitt Romney was referenced 13,000 times on the domain while Ron Paul has only been referenced 248 times. So for every 52.4 articles on Mitt Romney, there will only be one article on Ron Paul. That is absurd. On no other news source is the disparity as large as it is on Fox News.

September 5, 2007
Rudy Guiliani at the 2000 Inner Circle Show.  Photo by Spencer A. Bumett
Rudy Guiliani in drag
Photo by Spencer A. Bumett
Sean Hannity Supports This Man for President
Rudy Guiliani at the 2000 Inner Circle Show given by City Hall corespondents.
September 2, 2007
Ron Paul Raises More Than Entire Texas GOP [in one night]
"Sources close to the Ron Paul (R-Tex) presidential campaign point out gleefully that in a single night Ron Paul took in more money ($102,000) than the entire GOP apparatus did with its convoluted 'first ever' straw poll ($97,500) ... Ron Paul ... finished third in the highly restrictive straw poll ... [An unnamed source said,] "The Texas straw poll was structured so that you could only vote if you had been a former GOP delegate. Even rank and file GOP-ers couldn't vote ... But maybe the real vote can be seen by his fund-raising success. He out-raised the entire Texas GOP in a single night. He's one of the hottest politicians in the country going into the upcoming debates on Fox."
41.1% Duncan Hunter (534 votes)
20.5% Fred Thompson (266 votes)
16.17% Ron Paul (217 votes)
06.4% Mike Huckabee (83 votes)
06.0% Rudy Giuliani (78 votes)
04.7% Mitt Romney (61 votes)
02.2% Ray McKinney (28 votes)
0.77% John Cox (10 votes)
0.62% John McCain (8 votes)
0.46% Tom Tancredo (6 votes)
0.46% Sam Brownback (6 votes)
0.23% Hugh Cort (3 votes)

Ron Paul's Straw Poll Results
"Coming off the Iowa Straw Poll, the momentum for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign continues to build. Congressman Ron Paul has finished in the top 5 in 16 of the last 17 straw polls and can claim 1st place victories in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Washington, and Alabama. In comparing results head-to-head, Congressman Paul has blown away most of the field, defeating Rudy Giuliani in 15 of the 17 polls and John McCain in 15 of the 16 polls."
Full story here.
• Official Campaign HQ Poll Results
• Straw poll results by candidate (percentage of votes)
• Poll Results (Screen Shots)