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Ron Paul for President
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Foundation of our democracy in peril
--- NH vote fraud being investigated ---
• Follow the reporting of Bev Harris (BlackBoxVoting)
• New Hampshire Primary - Breakdown of chain of custody (video)
--- Louisiana GOP Caucus Ballot & Process Tampering ---
• Ron Paul Campaign Protests Louisiana GOP Vote Count

"I'm asked, 'Where are you getting the support?'
... We'll it just might be that freedom is popular!
... The message is powerful.
I have my shortcomings, but
the message has no shortcomings.
The message of liberty is what America is all about.
... Government can't protect individuals from themselves.
Otherwise it becomes a tyrannical state.
... A humble foreign policy -
No nation building -
Don't police the world -
That is conservative, Republican, pro-American -
It follows the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.
The People in this country like a strong President.
... We should have a strong President -
Strong enough to resist the temptation
of taking power a president shouldn't have.
... I don't want to run the world.
I don't know how to run the world.
The Constitution doesn't give me the authority to run the world.
... I don't want to run your life.
I don't know how to run your life.
I don't have the authority to run your life.
And the Constitution doesn't permit me to run your life."
-- Ron Paul --

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