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December 2007
Ron Paul for President

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December 31, 2007

Paul spokesman Jesse Benton told the Chicago Tribune's Jason George,
"We have not heard anything else today. [Fox] continues to ignore our calls."
Source: WorldNetDaily

pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Ron Paul Supporters Could Cause Millions of Losses for Fox News
"2008 US Presidential candidate Ron Paul supporters raised an unprecedented $10 million plus during two single day fundraising efforts. Real supporters putting their money behind a candidate they truly believe can become the next President of the United States. Fox News doesn't see it that way. That organization has excluded the long time Texas Representative from participating in an upcoming televised New Hampshire debate. In response, supporters of Ron Paul have called for boycotting the cable news network and its sponsors. With nearly $20 million raised for the Paul campaign during the 4th quarter, there is speculation that a "boycott" move could seriously affect sponsors.

"... reporter, Jennifer Reynolds, who was brought on specifically to cover the lucrative Ron Paul campaign, had this to say in response to the Fox News exclusion:

"Ron Paul supporters will be holding rallies, writing letters to the editor, boycotting all sponsors, calling Fox news and in an additional move there is even talk of contacting all shareholders of the company that owns Fox news (I will let you look that up yourself) and is advising everyone to sell sell sell and for those of you not able to sell, buy short. I am not offering any advice, I am only reporting what I have seen in print.

"It should be noted that certainly doesn't advocate shorting News Corp stocks. Reynolds is simply passing along information she gathered across the Net.

"A look at the News Corp Yahoo! finance forums display what Reynolds is alluding to. That board was inundated with Ron Paul supporters blasting the company even though trading would not commence for a full 36 hours from press time.

"... On Monday, News Corp's shares had fallen .19%."

Full article
pulsar.gif - 2171 BytesFox Sponsors
American Express 1-877-877-0987, 1-800-525-3355
Aspercreme " " (Mortgages)
Best Buy 1-888-237-8289
Capzasin 1 (423)822-5020
Centrum (Wyeth) 1-800-322-3129
Chemistry (Matchmaking Web Site)
Comcast 1-800-COMCAST
Crest Whitestrips & Dawn (both Proctor & Gamble) 513-983-1100
Delphi (Driving Products) 1.888.809.9800 1-800-DITECH-3 (415) 786-3317
GMC Suv's 1-800-551-4123
Gold Bond (Chattum) 423-821-4571
Holiday Inn Express 1 800-315-2621
Jet Dry (Dishwasher Products) 1-800-820-8939
L. L. Bean 1-800-441-7513
M Professional unk
Mercedes Benz 1-800-367-6372
New Phase
Nextel (aka Sprint)1-800-639-6111
Orbitz 1-888-656-4546 1-800-774-2354
Subaru 1-800-782-2783
Toyota 1 800-331-4331
Travelocity 1 888.872.8356 1.866.698.3449 via email or via other (212) 624-3700

You know what to do.

December 30, 2007
tvadImmigration20071230_sm.jpg - 21743 Bytes
Ron Paul TV Ad
Border Security Now

Watch it here

December 30, 2007
Become a Ron Paul Precinct Captain
"The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign is pleased to announce that are now seeking volunteers to serve as designated "Precinct Captains" across America. Precinct Captains will receive canvassing lists, phone lists, training materials, and other tools to methodically get out the vote and win your precinct for Dr. Paul. As a Precinct Captain, you will be in charge of raising support for Dr. Paul in your precinct, identifying supporters, helping them get to the polls on Election Day, and campaigning at your polling place itself. The Precinct Captain is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. An average precinct has 1,000 voters in 500 households. Your role will be to ensure that every voter possible will arrive at the polls on Election Day to cast their vote for Dr. Paul..."

If you can dedicate yourself to this task, sign up here.

Instructions for accessing Grassroots HQ will be emailed to you immediately.

December 30, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes New Hampshire Union Leader Withholding Ron Paul Ads?
"I just received an email from Linda saying that the New Hampshire Union Leader did not run my ad, Why 85K for RP.

It was paid for, insert was made, they had said it would run on Sunday. today."

-- Lawrence Lepard, source here. --

December 30, 2007
judgeNapolitano.jpg - 39374 Bytes
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Fox News Judge Napolitano Introducing Ron Paul
Watch the video introduction
"In his heart and in his head.
In his character and in his intellect.
In what he has done, and
what he will become.
The Thomas Jefferson of our day,
Ron Paul
is one of us!"
-- Judge Napolitano introducing Ron Paul --

December 30, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul? pt. 2
Ron Paul Press Releases
December 30, 2007
"... On the evening of December 28, Jared Chicoine and Jordan Brown of our New Hampshire campaign staff met in person with Fergus Cullen the New Hampshire GOP chairman to discuss whether or not Dr. Paul would be invited to participate in the forum. Mr. Cullen confirmed there will be an event on January 6, but he could not confirm whether or not Dr. Paul would be invited. We also learned the event would not be a debate with an audience, but instead would be a forum in a closed studio with the candidates questioned only by Chris Wallace of Fox News.

"... As of late afternoon today (December 30), we have nothing more to report.

Kent Snyder
Chairman, Ron Paul 2008
Full press release from

December 29, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul? pt. 1
Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul?
Ron Paul Press Releases
December 28, 2007 10:39 pm EST

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – According to the New Hampshire State Republican Party and an Associated Press report, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul will be excluded from an upcoming forum of Republican candidates to be broadcast by Fox News on January 6, 2008.

"Given Ron Paul’s support in New Hampshire and his recent historic fundraising success, it is outrageous that Dr. Paul would be excluded," said Ron Paul 2008 campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Dr. Paul has consistently polled higher in New Hampshire than some of the other candidates who have been invited."

Snyder continued, "Paul supporters should know that we are continuing to make inquiries with Fox News as to why they have apparently excluded Dr. Paul from this event."

Source: Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters:


December 29, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Paul: Fox News is 'scared of me'
By James Pindell
December 29, 2007 01:40 PM
PLAISTOW, N.H. -- Ron Paul said the decision to exclude him from a debate on Fox News Sunday the weekend before the New Hampshire Primary is proof that the network "is scared" of him.

"They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will," Paul said in an interview at a diner here. "They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative."

Paul's staff said they are beginning to plan a rally that will take place at the same time the 90-minute debate will air on television. It will be taped at Saint Anselm College in Goffstown.

"They will not win this skirmish," he promised.

The Fox debate occurs less than 24 hours after two back to back Republican and Democratic debates on the same campus sponsored by ABC News, WMUR-TV and the social networking website Facebook.

Paul, the Republican Texas Congressman, was wrapping up his final day of campaigning in New Hampshire until the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday.

He spent much of the day campaigning at diners in Manchester and Plaistow and downtown walks in Derry and Exeter.


December 29, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Call FOX at 1.888.369.4762

Their message boxes may be full in several areas. If you get the message 'mailbox full, press Star-T to enter another mailbox,' just press *T and enter mailbox #13000 to get to the 'Suggest a New Story Line' mailbox and leave your message there! Let FOX know THEY NEED TO INCLUDE RON PAUL IN THE NH DEBATE ON JAN 6TH. They report. WE decide.

December 23, 2007
Ron Paul Rising
cnn6milman_sm.jpg - 13855 Bytes
rppalloverrg.jpg - 3406 Bytes "The Ron Paul people are all over the country.
They are. They are all over the country."
-- Rudy Giuliani --

Screen shots & quote from Ron Paul Rising video

Please Donate Directly to Ron Paul's Official Campaign

December 19, 2007
irannukeshow.jpg - 15043 Bytes
Brave New Films
Take a look

December 19, 2007
Neocon Neil Tries To Smear Ron Paul
But Cavuto, apostle of war and monetary destruction, doesn't get away with it.
Watch the video

December 17, 2007
iowainfomercial.jpg - 16357 Bytes  googlehim.jpg - 9397 Bytes
Ron Paul TV Special for Iowa
Brought to you by YOU,
because YOU are supporting this campaign
with your dollars, your time, your talent and your courage!
This is a 30-minute TV special that will be broadcast
throughout Iowa the weekend of Dec. 22-23.
If you are an Iowa voter,
vote for Ron Paul in the Iowa Caucus.
- Register Republican
- Identify your caucus location
- Be there before 7:00 PM on January 3, 2008
- And vote for Ron Paul!
Call 888.828.PAUL to learn more.

Part 1
Part 2

December 17, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes Dec. 16, 2007 fundraiser

Message from Ron Paul Regarding the Tea Party
"What a day! I am humbled and inspired, grateful and thrilled for this vast outpouring of support.

On just one day, in honor of the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the new American revolutionaries brought in $6.04 million, another one-day record. The average donation was $102; we had 58,407 individual contributors, of whom an astounding 24,915 were first-time donors. And it was an entirely voluntary, self-organized, decentralized, independent effort on the internet. Must be the “spammers” I keep hearing about!"

Paul Campaign Statement Following $6 Million Fundraising Day
"There is an unprecedented outpouring of grassroots support for Dr. Paul. The message of freedom is powerful and uniting people across America. And, Dr. Paul is the only candidate offering real solutions to the issues Americans care about, with the record to back it up."

Ron Paul's tea party for dollars / Boston Globe
On Tea Party Anniversary, Ron Paul Raises Millions / Washington Post
Paul's one-day haul a record / Washington Times
'Money bomb': Ron Paul raises $6 million in 24-hour period / USA Today
Paul Raises $6 Million in 24-Hour Effort / AP
Ron Paul is now the GOP frontrunner / USA Daily
"GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul raised 6 million dollars yesterday breaking John Kerry’s record of 5.7 million. Ron Paul has now raised more money in a single day than any other presidential candidate in history, and this is before he has even won a single primary.

"Counting the 6 million from yesterday Ron Paul has raised 18.2 million dollars in this quarter from over 120,000 donors. Put in perspective media darling Mike Huckabee’s struggling campaign has raised only 1.2 million dollars this month. Paul’s campaign if it hits 20 million by New Year’s Eve has a shot at raising more cash than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as well in the fourth quarter."

Full article: USA Daily

December 15, 2007
Huckabee Caught In Big Lie
Has No Theology Degree
"Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told the Christian Broadcasting Network he had a theology degree, he told voters in Iowa he had a theology degree, he repeated the claim in last month's CNN YouTube debate ... but, his campaign now says, it was not true."


December 15, 2007
100,000 US War Vets Seek Psychiatric Treatment
"More than 100,000 of the 750,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have sought treatment for mental problems from the Department of Veterans Affairs, an official said during a hearing on suicides."

Source: USA Today Blog
Support our troops.
Bring them home
by electing
Ron Paul for President

December 15, 2007
madmoney1.jpg - 13329 Bytes
Cramer: One-on-One With Ron Paul
CRAMER: "Why are people turning on YouTube to watch you talk about something that many think is boring?"

PAUL: "Because people are waking up ... If you believe in free enterprise and capitalism, you should have the market forces determining interest rates ... [the FED is] not held accountable, even after the total chaos of the past year."

CRAMER: "You are changing the debate ... I wish you the best of luck, Sir, with your campaign. You are changing things with what you're saying."

Watch the full interview: CNBC/Mad Money

December 10, 2007
Click for full ad commissioned by Lawrence Lepard
Why I Support Ron Paul
by Lawrence W. Lepard

Lawrence W. Lepard (home page) commissioned
a full page ad which
appeared in USA Today on
Wednesday November 21st
with a right hand placement
in the first section- NEWS.
Read why he did it in his own words.

"I recently spent a significant sum of money running a full-page advertisement in USA Today supporting the candidacy of Ron Paul for President of the United States. Several people have asked me why I did it, so I have decided to explain my reasoning.

"I believe that as American citizens we stand at an important crossroads in history. We are faced with a very important decision that will have repercussions for many, many years. We need to make a decision as to what we want America to represent, and to become. History will record the outcome of our decision. If we blow it, many more innocent people will die, and history will not be kind. As I say to my closest friends, I do not want to have to explain to my grandchildren that I was one of the 'good Germans.'

"... The danger to our Republic is real — we must act now!

"... I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. Think about it, what is freedom worth? I would submit that it is priceless. If you care about the future of this Country, I know that Ron Paul will not let you down. If you care about our troops, then you must vote for Ron Paul. They will come home and defend America, not someone else’s country. Ron Paul has more donations from active military personnel than all the other candidates combined. Why do you think that is? Have you heard about it from the Mainstream Media? I think not.

"... Each contribution represents another American who has said, enough is enough.

"Remember, each one of us makes a difference.

"If you agree please support Ron Paul by pledging to donate to his campaign on December 16th at Also, please vote for Ron Paul in your State Republican Primary and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same."

Full article here.

December 8, 2007
pulsar.gif - 2171 Bytes TV ADS FOR RON PAUL
TV Commercials to Air in Iowa Dec. 8-Jan. 3

Watch 3 commercials at Operation New Hampshire.
These will air in rotation over 700 times in Central Iowa on cable T.V.
They start airing this Saturday, December 8.
They will continue airing until the Iowa caucus (Jan. 3).
The spots cost a total of $30,000.
More is being raised to purchase additional spots in this critical early primary state.

Please Chip-In on the left-hand side of the home page at Operation New Hampshire or
PayPal your donation to

Checks or money orders can be made out to:
Americans United for Freedom PAC
6219 Windham Hill Run
Alexandria, VA 22315

December 8, 2007
Bush Nominates Rush Limbaugh's Cousin To Federal Court
"WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush this afternoon nominated Missouri Supreme Court Justice Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. to be a U.S. District Court judge in Missouri’s Eastern District. Limbaugh’s father, Stephen N. Limbaugh, is a senior U.S. District Court judge in the district.

"The junior Limbaugh, 55, of Cape Girardeau, has been on Missouri’s Supreme Court since he was appointed by then-Gov. John Ashcroft in 1992. He was chief justice from 2001-2003. He received his law degree from southern Methodist University and then a graduate degree in judicial process from the University of Virginia School of Law."

Source: STLtoday [Alt: Blacklisted News]

December 1, 2007
Move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans
ik_diego_garcia_20050101_02-s.jpg - 17393 Bytes
Image source: Space Imaging
Military air base on Diego Garcia.
Four fully completed B-2 XLDAHS aircraft shelters are visible.
9 B-1 bombers are also present.
Click to zoom [1] [2]
"The US is secretly upgrading special stealth bomber hangars on the British island protectorate of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, according to military sources. The improvement of the B1 Spirit jet infrastructure coincides with an 'urgent operational need' request for £44m to fit racks to the long-range aircraft."

Source: The Herald

December 1, 2007
CNN Says Ron Paul Leads Polls In NH
rpSurge.jpg - 11941 Bytes
Click to play video

December 1, 2007
The Ron Paul Song (Shelby & Friends)
shelbySingsRP.jpg - 14183 Bytes
Click to play video

December 1, 2007
Watch FOX News Manufacture Spin
foxPlantVid.jpg - 13092 Bytes
Click to play video

December 1, 2007
Huckabee On Taxes and Mexican Subsidies
Huckabee Raised State Taxes More Than Clinton
List of taxes in Arkansas Leader Editorial.
Huckabee asking for new taxes
Video here.
Huckabee offered 'no-cost' deal for Mexican Consulate
"Developer confirms role, legislator raps ex-governor for using taxpayer funds for illegals"
Article in WorldNetDaily.