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David Sadler For Congress (2002)
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Neocon Talk Show Host Propagandists & Censors

• Introduction
• Sean Hannity: Neocon Propagandist Award Recipient for March 2006
• Rusty Humphries: Neocon Propagandist Award Recipient for December 2005

by David Sadler
Published 2006.01.01

The important points to understand in the following articles are that in the United States:
  • the mainstream media is controlled
  • the propagandists appear non-threatening
  • the propagandists may not necessarily be told what to say, but are selected and annointed as mainstream personalities because of their beliefs and prejudices and/or their willingness to participate in the propaganda.
This series of articles demonstrates ways in which the controlled message is protected and how the mainstream audience is isolated from credible criticism of the controlled message.

Most people are not sensitive to the attributes of a controlled media in general and propaganda in particular. Most people find the mainstream media to be familiar, personable, entertaining and comfortable. The personalities that present the news and opinion of the contrived conventional wisdom are friendly people with pleasant personalities. These personalities become household names - celebrities who are frequent quests invited into the private spaces of America's TV viewing and radio listening public. These attributes are all absolute requirements of modern propaganda when applied by the controllers of a society upon the people of that society. And to complicate things, there are more than one set of controllers attempting to control the media for their own purposes. Some independent reading is required to understand the history and current state of the art of propaganda. The website psywarrior.com is a good place to start on this journey to understand the source and level of pollution in the information stream.

Party Warfare Distraction

The idea that there is a left and right media in a controlled mainstream media is an illusion. All 'opposing' sides in a controlled media establish the boundaries of debate and restrict solutions to a narrow range of policy alternatives acceptable to the controllers. This left/right, liberal/conservative posturing is a well choreographed distraction which I call Party Warfare Distraction.

As all have seen who have lived long enough to observe the change of power between the parties in Washington, D.C., the direction of our nation, our government, continues along the same path regardless of which party has had the power. And, as we have all seen, criticism of actions and policies in an administration of the opposing party is quickly forgotten upon a power swing to the other major party. Government growth and deficit spending by a Democratic administration is roundly criticized by the 'conservative' media while the same behavior by Republicans is acceptable to these very same 'conservatives.'

For example... During the Clinton administration, 900 F.B.I. files illegally found their way from the DOJ to the basement of the White House. 'Conservative' media rightly raised Hell over this, and demanded an investigation into who was responsible for this very serious breach of privacy. When George W. Bush was elected, conservatives of principle expected Bush to order the DOJ to investigate this breach and hold those responsible accountable. When this did not happen, it became clear who the principled conservatives were. They were not the 'conservative' talk show hosts who now defended a Bush that had chosen to ignore one of the landmark conservative objections regarding the Clinton administration. It became clear that these mainstream media 'conservatives' held no traditional conservative, or even consistent, principles. They exposed themselves to be propagandists; managers of Party Warfare Distraction; promoters of controller policies and agendas.

Putting Opinion to the Test

Is this all real or is it just a lot of meaningless conjecture? Can we see this mainstream media control if we look? Can we interact with it? The answer is a simple, 'Yes.'

The following cases will demonstrate a concerted program of censorship, suppression of facts, i.e., propaganda, on the part of these neocon talk show host propagandists. This program has the effect of a controlled message heard by hundreds of millions of Americans. This controlled message creates a false reality, but one which the Controllers wish the public to believe, even to the socio-political and economic detriment of the public.

Let me state right here and right now that if I am successful in launching a radio talk show, anyone I single out for criticism in my writing or on the program has a standing invitation to appear as a guest to answer my questions and rebut my criticisms. They will have full opportunity to correct me and make their points, but they will have to answer my questions as well. They will not be able to dodge the questions by cutting me off or drowning me out as a caller or banning me as a forum participant, even before I have joined, simply because I disagree with them and can offer specific factual examples that contradict the logic they put forward to justify destroying the lives of other people, both at home and abroad.

Observation, prediction experiment and validation are the foundation of science. Such discipline and validation is also crucial to a person's credibility as an opinion leader. I have stated my observations about these people having a virtual monopoly on mainstream talk radio and controlling its message. I propose an experiment whereby these propagandists appear on my talk show as guests to answer these questions and defend their outrageous and warped political agendas when interviewed by a person holding the traditional American values of Old America. It is my prediction that all will decline for various reasons. Should anyone of them actually accept, they will avoid direct answers and attempt to talk-over the host and dodge the questions as they do with the callers to their shows who disagree with them.
David Sadler ran for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois in 2002 as a Republican. He advocates debates commence immediately between neoconservatives and traditional conservatives. He maintains the neocons have hijacked the GOP, but that the neocons do not speak for traditional, liberty-minded conservatives. Energy independence through a Manhattan class national effort to develop New Energy sources is a corner stone of his plan to diminish the threat of terrorism against Americans and reform American imperialist foreign policies.


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