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Rusty Humphries Neocon Propagandist Award Recipient for December 2005
by David Sadler
Published 2006.01.01
Neocon Propagandist Introduction here

Neocon talk show host propagandist, Rusty Humphries
Neocon Propagandist Award Recipient for December 2005

Rusty Humphries image from his web site
Rusty Humphries
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Photo source: Rusty Humphries website
Question: Why is Humphries standing in front of the flag of Israel instead of the flag of the United States of America? To which nation does this 'American' talk show host owe his allegiance?

On 2005.12.19 I was listening to KOKC-AM as I traveled I-80 westbound from Cheyenne to Evanston, Wyoming. Booming loud and clear on this windy and icy winter's night was the Rusty Humphries Show.

According to Profiles of Popular and Extraordinary Radio Personalities, Humphries is nationally syndicated through the Talk Radio Network and is carried by 250 affiliate stations. He is also carried by XM and Siruis satellite radio. The stations that carry Humphries also carry the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Tony Snow, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Reagan, and other 'mainstream neoconservative' talk show hosts. This makes Humphries 'mainstream.' Everyone is familiar with these names.

The USA Patriot Act (USAPA) was the topic of discussion. Rusty was busy taking phone calls in agreement with his position that the USAPA does zero damage to the rights and liberties of American citizens, until he took a call from a man who felt our liberties were threatened by the USAPA. Unfortunately, this caller did not have any specific sections of the act at the ready, and this allowed Rusty Humphries to berate this caller, saying all the Liberals can do is make unsubstantiated charges of lost liberty regarding the act.

Unfortunately for Rusty, the day and night before I had been listening to talk radio station KOA 850 AM out of Denver, Colorado featuring Mike Rosen and Gunny Bob. Both of these talk show hosts employed the same strategy of taking favorable calls supporting their position, identical to Humphries', and dismissing with a label of 'liberal' any caller who contended the USAPA erodes the liberties of everyday Americans.

Mike Rosen, for instance declares the reasons we invaded Iraq were numerous and were outlined in the joint congressional resolution to use force against Iraq. Rosen DENIES the main reason put forward to the American people and the world to justify a U.S. invasion of Iraq was that Iraq 'had' Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and their imminent use was anticipated. Rosen insists the real and numerous reasons for the invasion are contained in the joint resolution to use military force. He uses the fact that his callers have not read this resolution as his power play to silence callers critical of the Iraq war/occupation and to demonstrate how uninformed these critics are. Rosen's uninformed audience buys this logic since they have not read the resolution either.

But a simple web search yields this resolution, and a simple reading of it shows how weak this resolution is and how it totally fails to justify the invasion of another sovereign nation on the [demonstrably false] grounds that Iraq somehow posed an 'imminent' threat to the people of the United States. Read it yourself. It takes less than five minutes for even a slow reader such as myself.

116 STAT. 1498
PUBLIC LAW 107–243—OCT. 16, 2002
107th Congress
Oct. 16, 2002


Anyone who listened to Rosen on that particular day then also heard Gunny Bob that same evening were struck by the two opposing stances held by these hosts as to the primary reason for the invasion. Gunny Bob was quick to point out that WMDs were, in fact, the justifiable reason the U.S. invaded Iraq. Even though Rosen and Bob disagreed on the reasons for the invasion, they both support the invasion/occupation and both ridicule critics of the invasion/occupation, usually dismissing the critics as 'uninformed Liberals.'

So, by the time Humphries aired, I was determined to state a few specific sections of the USAPA that affect the liberties of everyday Americans.

I called the Humphries show. The screener told me I would be next up. Rusty took many more calls other than mine; then took a top of the hour news break; then did an interview with Max Baer, Jr., the actor who played Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies. Finally, Rusty reluctantly took my call.

I wished Rusty a Merry Christmas then briefly explained how we were taught by our fathers and our culture growing up in the 1950s how fortunate we were to be living in the United States instead of the Soviet Union, because in the U.S.S.R. they read your mail, tapped your phone, kept ordinary citizens under surveillance, controlled the press, suppressed criticism of their government and engaged in global military aggression. How lucky we were to live in a free America. I pointed out how ironic it was that in 2005, the headlines regarding the United States are reminiscent of the Soviet Union in the 1950s.

I then asked Rusty if he knew that barter was now illegal in America? He said that was absurd, and pointed out that he or his station had just engaged in barter a few days prior, as though that proved barter was legal. I suppose that if one speeds on the highway and does not get ticketed, that proves there are no speeding laws? I could see that Rusty was not a debater, so I simply proceeded to ask him if he knew what act had made barter illegal. I think he said, "No." I then stated that the USAPA specifically made barter illegal.

Humphries began to launch into this now recognizable neocon talk show host rant on liberals having no facts about the USAPA. Knowing he was about to drown me out, I managed to state on the air that the USAPA section making barter illegal was the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) section. I was immediately cut off the air as soon as I finished speaking the words, "Financial Crimes Enforcement Network." I have no idea what Rusty had to say about my call after he cut me off thereby preventing any further factual education of his audience regarding the USAPA because KOKC-AM did not carry this particular hour of the Humphries' show. But I imagine that I was called an uninformed "Liberal."

So I searched for the Humphies show on the web, and emailed Rusty. There is no email hearder to the first following email because a web based email system on his website was used to send my comments regarding his rude and cowardly censorship of the very facts he was denying existed concerning the USAPA.

--- web based email to Rusty Humphries ---


2005.12.19... I was listening on kokc-am while traveling i80 in Wyoming. You were berating callers who said the USAPA diminished our freedoms. Just as soon as I mentioned the first specific section of the USAPA that diminishes our freedoms (outlaws barter for everybody), you cut me off! This earns you this month's "Idiot Neocon Mouthpiece Propagandist Award." ... I'll relate to my readers our 'discussion' and how you fled in terror from someone wielding facts instead of mere biased opinion. This makes you a coward as well as an intellectual lightweight who can't handle an informed caller calling your neocon bluff.

I challenge you to a live radio debate anytime. Now go run and hide, my paranoid friend. Watch out for the terrorists. They're everywhere! … Have a good vacation and Merry Christmas!

David Sadler
Rusty responded ...
From: RustyKVI@aol.com [RustyKVI@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 11:02 AM
To: [David Sadler]
Subject: Re: Email Rusty customer - censorship and controlled media

I have NO IDEA what you are talking about! If I am a "Neo-Con" PLEASE define.

Rusty Humphries
Note that Humphries wants to argue semantics and definitions while steering away from the specific point regarding the USAPA eroding the liberty of Americans, and in particular the FinCEN section outlawing barter between ordinary Americans.

I replied …
From: David Sadler
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 12:39 AM
To: RustyKVI@aol.com
Subject: RE: Email Rusty customer - censorship and controlled media

Why did you cut me off when I was pointing out specific sections of the USAPA that affect the freedoms of US citizens? I mentioned that barter was made illegal by the USAPA FinCEN section and you cut me off. Why are you afraid to allow your listeners to hear about this when you steadfastly argue that the USAPA only affects terrorists?

You either can't engage in an intelligent debate or your show's message is tightly controlled to propagandize a certain agenda. Which is it?

When would you like me to come on as a guest with specific examples of how the neo-cons are anti-American Globalists lying to the American people about terrorism in order to pursue their own agenda and have the American people pay for it with their dollars and their liberty?

David Sadler
I received no response to this direct question, but I did get an email from 'David' with the subject 'Humphries' and an attachment titled 'Sybill.zip.' I did not open the email or attachment. It was erased immediately being considered a virus of sorts. I'm not accusing Humphries or his cohorts of sending it, but it is quite coincidental, don't you think?

Before I make a broader point and propose an action item, lets look at the USAPA FinCEN section that makes barter of any amount of value a crime by anyone in the United States.
[excerpt begin]

USA PATRIOT Act as Passed by Congress
Uniting and Strengthening America
by Providing Appropriate Tools Required
to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act
(Oct. 25, 2001)
HR 3162 RDS
1st Session
H. R. 3162
October 24, 2001

`Sec. 310. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
`(a) IN GENERAL- The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network established by order of the Secretary of the Treasury (Treasury Order Numbered 105-08, in this section referred to as `FinCEN') on April 25, 1990, shall be a bureau in the Department of the Treasury.
`(1) APPOINTMENT- The head of FinCEN shall be the Director, who shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury.
`(2) DUTIES AND POWERS- The duties and powers of the Director are as follows:
[snip A,B,C,D,E]
`(F) Assist Federal, State, local, and foreign law enforcement and regulatory authorities in combatting the use of informal, nonbank networks and payment and barter system mechanisms that permit the transfer of funds or the equivalent of funds without records and without compliance with criminal and tax laws.

[excerpt end]
Note that this provision makes no distinction between terrorists and American citizens. Neither does it set a threshold value of transfer before making barter illegal. This section quite simply outlaws barter (or exchange/trade) for ANY value by ANY person in the United States!

Now here is the broader point. Rusty Humphries and Talk Radio Network are not alone in propagandizing and controlling the message received by the radio listener. There is a broad program of controlling the message and censoring informed factual analysis to the contrary of this 'official' mainstream opinion. As long as the callers are non-specific, unable to factually defend their opinion that the USAPA is harmful to American liberties, the anointed talk show hosts allow the callers to display their lack of direct knowledge on the matter as evidence that there is no specific section in the USAPA that erodes American liberties. But just as soon as an informed caller comes along prepared with specifics, that person is cut off and then lampooned by the host owing the microphone.


Whether Rusty cut me off or whether there is a censor on staff at Talk Radio Network, as there has been in TV for decades, I don't know. But it is quite clear that Talk Radio Network and/or Rusty Humphries do not want the listening audience to hear about specific sections of the USAPA that erode the liberties of American citizens. Instead, they propagandize continuously around the clock over many networks and stations comprising the 'mainstream' broadcast spectrum spewing out the Big Lie that the USAPA is targeted at terrorists and that it does nothing to erode the liberties of the average American citizen. They also support unconditionally the Iraq invasion/occupation.

Bull to both stances ...

What can we do about it?

For starters, make calls to the following shows…

Rusty Humphries : 800.449.8255
Mike Rosen : 303.713.8585 (mikerosen@clearchannel.com)
Gunny Bob : 303.713.8585 (7-10pm mountain) (gunnybob@850koa.com)
Rush Limbaugh : 800-282-2882 (noon-3PM EST)
Sean Hannity : 800.941.7326 (3-6PM EST)

Prepare before hand. Do your research into the USAPA on the web and find those analyses of it that describe the sections that specifically erode American liberties. You can use the barter section for one. The neocon hosts are totally unprepared for this. Most callers want to discuss the Bill of Rights but have no specific USAPA sections to mention because they simply haven't done their homework. But neither have the talk show hosts. Barter is not among the Bill of Rights. It is simply a Natural Right, assumed to be legal, moral and fair in any free society. So the hosts are totally unprepared for it being pointed out that the USAPA FinCEN section outlaws a natural right for ALL Americans.

But there are many other specific examples. For instance, section 213 effectively sets aside the intent of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. There are others. People who have been visited and investigated under provisions of the USAPA are prohibited from telling anyone they have been investigated. Many are familiar with the problem posed to public libraries who are expected to hand over lists of what books are checked out by what persons and which web sites are visited by which library patrons.

A good place to start is with a broad google like this 'USAPA analysis.' One link returned is quite informative as an index to other analyses. But there are many, many analyses of this act. Look here and here and here. Here's google search results for 'USAPA section 213.'

In order for you to be an informed caller, you MUST do this research yourself instead of calling up with a talking point provided to you. If you are merely repeating a talking point, you will not be able to defend it from questions and attacks.

So if you wish to have some fun in the new year and help deprogram the captured minds of the ditto heads, do a bit of research into the specific sections of the USAPA that erode the liberties of everyday Americans. I've given you several places to start. Then call the neocon talk show hosts to point out these sections. See if you too are disconnected once the host finds out you are an informed citizen wielding facts instead of mere uninformed opinion. Each disconnection is an additional proof of a controlled media in the 'free' US of A.

But more importantly, we must change the game. We must begin to compete with the mainstream press. Better use and new use of the Internet combined with broadcast radio is the key. We must develop a strategy and solution to compete in the market place of ideas rather than be relegated to 'alternative' news sources.


David Sadler

David Sadler ran for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois in 2002 as a Republican. He advocates debates commence immediately between neoconservatives and traditional conservatives. He maintains the neocons have hijacked the GOP, but that the neocons do not speak for traditional, liberty-minded conservatives. Energy independence through a Manhattan class national effort to develop New Energy sources is a corner stone of his plan to diminish the threat of terrorism against Americans and reform American imperialist foreign policies.

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"Free public libraries exist in this country to promote democracy by allowing the public to inform itself on the issues of the day. The idea that the government can secretly investigate what the public is informing itself about is chilling," said Christian, executive director of the Library Connection, Inc., a consortium of libraries in the central part of the state.

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